Will Smith discusses the difference between talent and skill. Will Smith is a talented actor, but that did not make him one of the most famous, most successful well-paid actors of all time. He explains that what got him where he is today is a 220 work ethic. While you're watching this video, think about a talent you have and how you could work to become more skilled.


  1. Select one of your talents that you would like to develop into a skill and write it down.
  2. Think about someone you know (could be a peer, role model, athlete, musician, actor, celebrity, etc.) That is known for excelling at this particular talent. Write down why it is a skill for them vs. a talent? How did they get so good? For example, Michael Jordan was gifted with athleticism, but how did he become one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived?
  3. Write down 2-3 things you can do each week to practice your talent and develop this talent into a skill. For example, work on extra math problems for 30 minutes 3x per week, or practice guitar for 30 minutes 4x per week.
  4. Share this plan with someone that can check on your progress each week and hold you accountable. Save the note or paper somewhere so it can be accessed easily.