While megastar Beyonce acknowledges in this video that she is so blessed to have everything she does (success, happiness, family, and free time), she makes it clear that she did not just "get lucky" to be where she is. She attributes her extreme success to a lot of hard work and sacrifice. She specifically says how she believes people are supposed to work really hard when they're young and focus on school because it will pay off later.


  1. Where do you want to be when you're 25? 30? 40? Write down your ultimate goals.
  2. Write down what it would take to get there and the 2-3 hardest things you would have to give up in order to accomplish those goals.
  3. Are you willing to give these up? How bad do you really want the goals you wrote down in #1?

You would be surprised how much of your future is in your control. The challenge is that becoming 220 is not easy. If it was easy, Second-to-None wouldn't have much of a meaning.

The best time to start taking control of your future is today. Not tomorrow or next week; TODAY.