On Wednesday evening, Joseph and I had the awesome opportunity to speak at the Lawrence Central High School ("LC") Captains Table Banquet in Indianapolis. The banquet was a celebration to honor one captain from each LC athletic team who serves as a year-long representative on the Captains Table. The Captains Table was established by the athletic director to further develop student athlete leadership skills by (1) serving as the liaisons between the athletic department and their teams, and (2) meeting regularly to discuss leadership, share best practices, and push each other to bring the best out of their teams.

The theme of our speech was leadership through culture, and taking advantage of the amazing opportunity they have as captains to raise the bar and develop a Second-to-None, '96 Chicago Bulls, or US Women's National Soccer culture on their LC teams. As always, we encouraged these student-athletes to think bigger about what they're capable of, take risks, and take action!

Despite graduating from rival high school Lawrence North =), we had an awesome experience working with the LC Captains and were extremely impressed with their visions for their team's culture.

Joseph and I hit the main points we wanted to cover, but both agreed that our delivery could have been better and have some great things to work on for the next 220YL group program.

For the first time, we have a vested interest in the performance of LC sports and wish them the best of luck with their current and future seasons!


  1. What are areas of your life where you have an influence on the culture of a group? Family? School? Sports? Performing Arts? Student or extracurricular group? Volunteer group? Company? Write one of these groups down.
  2. How would you describe the current culture for that group? Write that down.
  3. What could improve about that group's culture to make it 220, or Second-to-None? Write it down.
  4. What can you do personally to help create that change? Write it down.
  5. Is there anything you can do today/tonight/tomorrow to make progress on this change? Go do it!
  6. Repeat for any groups where you want to make a positive influence on the culture.