In the second half of the video (0:40), Oprah asks Kevin Hart what makes him different than all of the other aspiring comedians and actors out there. His response: identifying and imitating successful mentors and learning from their triumphs and failures. He constantly surrounds himself with the best (not necessarily “comedians” or “actors”) and strives to imitate them. If you can imitate your mentors, meaning you can adopt their habits, work ethic, and path to success, then you hugely improve your chance to become 220. “Working smart” means adopting lessons learned from those around you- doing what they did right and not doing what they did wrong. What’s awesome is that you don’t have to personally know all of your mentors (although you should know at least one). For example, my basketball mentors were Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan when I was growing up. I would watch the games religiously and then I would go in the back room and try to imitate exactly what they did.


  1. What does Kevin Hart mean by “the Blueprint”?
  2. Pick 1 mentor you know in person and 2-3 that you do not, but that you can follow through media in some way. Remember, they can be successful and not directly related to your dream (Kevin Hart looking up to Jay-Z).
  3. Reach out to the mentor you know in person and ask them to be your mentor. Don’t be shy- people are flattered when they are asked to be a mentor for someone.
  4. With your mentor, develop a plan of communication, discuss your goals and how they can hold you accountable, and ask them for advice.
  5. For the mentors you don’t personally know, figure out how you are going to learn from them (watch their games/performances/movies, read their book/biography, talk to someone who knows them, etc.).