We are thrilled to share our speeches from P20 Talks 2016 in Goa, India, hosted by Parenting 2.0 and The Global Presence. The Talks were focused on relating a personal story to a critical life skill. We would sincerely appreciate our 220 Community sharing, liking, and promoting these on social media including YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn!

A lot of us wonder why our Breakthrough Opportunity hasn't presented itself, or when our moment is coming.

Actually, chances are that a few have already "presented themselves"...


Most of us don't recognize our breakthrough opportunities when they present themselves. What do we need to do in order to capitalize on these opportunities?

  1. We need to understand that opportunities don't just appear out of nowhere- we create them ourselves.
  2. We need to get rid of the idea that the "perfect" opportunity will come when we're "perfectly" ready. This doesn't exist.

I'd say these have been two of the most valuable lessons we've learned from running our own company.

Three months after starting 220, Joseph reached out to Marlaine Cover, the creator of LinkedIn's largest group on parenting called Parenting 2.0 (8,000+ members) to:

  • Let her know how incredibly important we found her mission and work
  • Ask for her advice on our company
  • Ask if there was anything we could do to help her

Parenting 2.0 has over 250 Global Ambassadors promoting life skills education all over the world! Did we feel "ready" to reach out to her at that point?


That first email, that would take us two minutes today, took 45-60 minutes, and we had no idea if she would like our website or see our vision, or if she would even respond.

But she did respond. A few months later, we connected on our first phone call. Marlaine asked us if we wanted to speak at her international life skills conference in Goa, India in October 2016.

"Wait... Us? You're asking if we want to speak at your conference?"

There were plenty of reasons we could have said no, here are a few of the big ones we struggled with:

  • At the time, we were paying ourselves from savings with very little capital in the business- nowhere near enough to travel to India.
  • We had never spoken at a conference before.
  • We had no idea who would be there.
  • We had never been to India before.
  • We did not feel ready or qualified, even if it was about six months away.

But Joseph and I were clear on the vision for our company, and even with all these doubts, we knew we had created this opportunity and had to seize it.

Aside from having a life-changing trip to a brand new country for us, we walked away with the experience of delivering the speeches above, and forged incredible new relationships with educators from India, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Canada, and the US.

The opportunity cost of not speaking in India because we "weren't ready" would have been pretty high.

"What's on the other side of fear? Nothing." -Jamie Foxx



The next time you find yourself in front of an opportunity you've created, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the worst thing that could happen?
  • Would it really be that bad? (most of the time, not even close)
  • What happens if I pursue this and I fail?
  • What happens if I pursue this and I succeed?
  • Which would I regret more: trying this or not trying it?

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