We are very excited and humbled to announce that Joseph and I will be expert contributors and serve on the Board of Directors for Generating Winners!

Generating Winners is an online resource that provides "the manual" for parents who are raising teens. They have brought together an impressive list of expert contributors to help with all areas of teen life, from "teen drama to drama class, from college prep to acceptance..." We are honored to take part in this wonderful mission and are anxious to see it become the official resource for parents across the country.

We will be contributing in the "Better Grades" section of Generating Winners, which is focused on how to positively influence and set up your teen to perform well academically. Please check out our first post on why intrinsic motivation is critical to performance in school and in life, and how to help your student find this motivation for themselves.


Take action based on the "Influence" section of the post. Thanks for reading!

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