We are proud to announce that 220 Youth Leadership (220YL) has been designated as Ambassadors for The Global Presence, the humanitarian service arm of Parenting 2.0. Both are amazing organizations that were created to promote "proactive life skills education" all over the world. Global Presence Ambassador is "an honorary designation awarded to passionate Life Skills Educators around the globe for their pioneering work in the Life Skills arena."

How did this happen? Joseph and I decided that we were going to be an international company. By firmly making this decision to think big about 220YL, we are subconsciously guiding our actions to help us become international (similar to what I wrote about in yesterday's Call To Action). And when we tell the amazing people we are meeting that this is an important goal of ours, it also allows them to think big and they have a tangible way to help us become international. If we did not tell people we are going to be international, why/how would they help us achieve our big-time goal?

The "think big" or "dream big" mentality is not fluff, it really works. Ironically, this morning I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast interview with Tony Robbins. Tim asked Tony about the early stages of his journey before he became wildly successful, and how thinking big impacted that rise to success. Tony referenced doing a lot of things before a typical person would consider themselves "ready", including challenging psychologists and therapists on a Canadian radio show after a one of his first 4-day trainings when he would have been considered by many to be "too inexperienced". One doctor called him a liar and questioned his credibility, but Tony challenged this doctor that in one hour he could cure any of the doctor's patients that doctor had not been able to cure. Tony convinced the doctor to send him a woman with a terrible phobia of snakes that he had treated for seven years with no results. This woman's phobia had her waking up every night because of nightmares about snakes, and within the hour Tony spent with her, he got her to wrap a live snake around her neck.

In that story alone, Tony took several huge risks, including speaking as an expert on a radio show when he had very little "traditional" experience to validate his credibility, and then challenging that doctor that he could cure previously untreatable patients. But taking risks and being able to deal with uncertainty is one of the most critical components of success. Nothing amazing comes without taking risks. Here is how we think about the process to achieve greatness:

  1. You have to find a cause or a passion that you are crazy about where to you, it is worth applying the "think big" mentality.
  2. You have to have the courage to "think big" about that passion and what you want to achieve.
  3. You have to believe that you will achieve the result of your "think big" mentality.
  4. You have to display the initiative to take action around that cause or passion.
  5. You have to exhibit the perseverance to deal with the adversity and the uncertainty of a challenging goal.
  6. You have to practice gratitude to appreciate the process and the people that helped you achieve your goal.

Thinking big has worked over and over again for us and for many of the most successful people in the world. Start thinking bigger today, and you can change the course of your life.


  1. Identify an extremely passionate goal that you have, even if it is a goal that you told yourself or someone else told you was going to be too challenging or impossible to achieve.
  2. For each of the six steps included in the process above, write down a few sentences for what each step would look like for you related to your passionate goal. Think in terms of achievement and include things like motivation, obstacles, feelings, sensations, and the people that can help you accomplish your goal.
  3. Commit to thinking bigger in your life from this day forward.

Happy Friday!