1. Ask yourself: what is the one thing I have been wanting to try or have wanted to learn most, but have not been able to? Learn a language? Learn to cook? Read more? Practice your sport or refine your performing skills? Improve communication or public speaking skills? Learn to code? This could be anything!
  2. Identify the initial activity you need to start doing to make the above happen. What is this activity? How many times per week should I do this before I either add to it or build up to the next step?
  3. On your digital calendar or on a printed calendar, start with one blank week, including Saturday and Sunday. Start by filling in all of the activities you typically have during the week- think school, practice, games, matches, concerts, performances, group meetings, tutoring, working out- anything you do on a weekly basis.
  4. Then think a little deeper: When will you eat dinner? What time should you be going to bed to get eight hours? Does your favorite team play on certain nights? Do you normally hang out with your friends on Friday or Saturday night? All of these activities should be incorporated into your calendar.
  5. Once all of the typical activities are incorporated, block off some time when you can devote time to #1 above. Could you add 30 minutes in the morning? After you finish your homework instead of getting on social media? On the weekends instead of just watching tv? Or before meeting up with your friends? Is it worth sacrificing some of your current activities to make time?
  6. After you have this time blocked off for your new activity, ask yourself: is this enough time to get the results I'm looking for? If the answer is yes, great! Don't wait until next week to start sticking to this calendar, start today! If the answer is no, go back to #5 and ask yourself those same questions until you can answer #6 with a Yes!