I wish I could say the same now, but when I was younger I was a pretty good athlete. The first sport I ever played was soccer when I was about five, and I had a knack for scoring goals. During my third season, I was probably averaging around two goals per game. I remember one game during the season where our team dominated the other team, scoring five total goals. I was pretty excited that I had scored four of those goals, feeling pretty awesome about myself.

As we were walking off the field after shaking hands with the other team, I was recounting my goals for some of my teammates. My assistant coach, who was also a dad for one of the other players on the team, heard me basking in my own glory. As I finished saying, "I scored four goals today!", my assistant coach sternly said, "but the team scored five."

I will always remember that moment, going from on top of the world to beneath the earth in just five words. As soon as he said that, I immediately knew what I had done wrong. Even though I was only about six years old, I knew that I never again wanted to be the guy gloating about himself. He was absolutely right. My teammates helped put me in position to score all of those goals, and I could not have played the game, let alone won the game, without them.

Since then, I have made being humble a priority. It is second nature to me now, and one of the qualities I have that I am most proud of. Being humble is separate from being confident- you have to have confidence in yourself to achieve your goals. But whether you are humble, or arrogant, all depends on how you project your confidence outwardly towards others. Humble confidence is so much more powerful than arrogance. By exhibiting humble confidence, you open yourself up to others and make yourself accessible, which puts you in a position to be a leader by example- the fundamental quality of all outstanding leaders.

First and foremost, develop your confidence. But think about humble vs. arrogant, think about how you want to be perceived by your family, friends, peers, and adults.

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