If you're sticking to your daily action plans and working hard on your goals, whether it's school, sports, arts, performing arts, fitness, or business, it is very important to give yourself some time off. Taking a recovery week from the gym, or a weekend off from studying, or even a night off of individual practice can do wonders for your motivation and focus. For example, I just took a week off of weightlifting and a week off from this blog. I could not wait to get back at both of them, and I feel as fresh, clear, and motivated as ever!

However, taking time off has to be earned!

  • If taking time off sounds ridiculous or amazing, those could both be a good sign. This could mean you are a go-getter that feels like you have to be "on" all the time. This will serve you well, believe me! But even a little bit of time off can do wonders for maintaining your focus, passion, and excitement.
  • If taking time off seems like it would make you feel guilty, then you could still fit the profile above. Or maybe you have not been putting in the consistent effort to feel like you have earned some time off. Doing a self-check here can be extremely helpful, and self-checks like this will help you develop self-awareness (one of your most invaluable life skills).
  • You have to have put yourself in a position to be able to take time off! If you've been putting in the work consistently and staying on top of everything, you should be able to afford at least a night off. If not, let the prospect of having some time off be a motivator for you!
  • If you don't feel like you can afford some time off, this may be the perfect time to do a priority check. Examine all of the activities and events taking up time in your life, and ask yourself:
    • How much time am I putting into each of these activities vs. the benefit I am/will be receiving?
    • How can I spend as much time on the activities and events that are creating the most value?

Put yourself in a position to take time off, and let it rejuvenate you to get back at it and attack your goals! For more help on managing your time and planning out "on" and "off" time, check out our post on creating a block calendar.

What did you think of this post? When are you scheduled for your next off-time, and what will you do during that time? Let us know in the comments!