For big events, trips, vacations, etc., 50% of the enjoyment comes from the anticipation. For example, we have an upcoming vacation that our family has looked forward to for four months now and the build-up to the trip has been amazing! This does not have to be an elaborate trip or lavish event- plan a group outing or trip for your family and/or friends that is at least three months out that you can all look forward to. Some ideas could be (definitely come up with one on your own that would get you and your family/friends excited!):

  • Family vacation
  • Road trip
  • Family cookout
  • Dinner at a favorite/new restaurant
  • Street festival or neighborhood block party
  • Movie premiere
  • Sporting event
  • Concert or musical performance
  • Volunteer event
  • Touristy events
  • Fun Tournament

Take initiative to create some anticipation, excitement, and happiness for a big-time event today!

What did you think of this post? What event are you planning? Let us know in the comments!

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