Growing up, my family used to make fun of me because I took such long showers. I would just sit there letting the steaming hot water hit the back of my neck for a long time, feeling totally relaxed and happy, and with no desire to ever get out. Does this sound familiar at all? Unfortunately, I passed this ritual on to my youngest brother...

Just so we're clear, Will Ferrell is not my younger brother.

Just so we're clear, Will Ferrell is not my younger brother.

Fast forward several years to the present, where I am working to make a transformational shift from night owl to early bird. I've read about and heard several people talk about the benefits of taking cold showers. Then I heard Tony Robbins discuss his morning ritual of immediately jumping into a pool set to 57 degrees Fahrenheit upon waking. As a supremely loyal hot-shower-enthusiast, I was very hesitant to give up this ritual that had been a part of my routine for so many years.

But being open to change is one of my biggest strengths, and I believe one of the critical skills for success in life. So I decided to give it a go. I have been taking cold showers for right around two months now, and I don't think I am ever going back to hot showers.

I will admit that the first one was extremely difficult. It took me several minutes to even get under the stream that was set to the coldest temperature, and once I did the ice cold water took my breath away. But as soon as I finished and turned off the shower, I did something that let me know I had just done something great for myself- I started laughing out loud. I felt so awake, happy, alive, and ready to attack the day that I knew this was a ritual that was here to stay.

Multiple studies have shown that taking cold showers has actual physiological and mental benefits. Benjamin Hardy wrote a fantastic article about morning routines, including taking cold showers. After an unthinkable divorce from hot showers, I have to agree with Benjamin and all of these studies.


Taking a cold shower before school, before a game, before work, or even on the weekends will get you in the right. Push yourself out of your comfort zone just once for me and try out a cold shower one morning this week.

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