We haven't found a better video out there on the topic of seizing opportunities. Take a couple minutes to watch this before moving on with your day, it will change your outlook:

Eric Thomas talks about taking advantage of the opportunity you have in front of you today. The problem, is most people look past the opportunity they have today because they see it as small. As weightless. As insignificant. 

But we, as humans, are our habits. And habits lead to patterns that dictate our lives. So if we miss an opportunity today, we will likely miss it tomorrow. And the next day. And so on.

If we have the mindset to take full advantage of opportunities, this is also a habit. A habit that can become your most lethal weapon.

Yogi Ferrell's hard work behind the scenes is now on display. He isn't where he is because he just seized the opportunity when the Mavs gave him a 10-day contract. He seized the opportunity every single day once he didn't get drafted. Weights. Layups. Dribbling. Mid-range. Three-pointers. Diet. Film. Conditioning. Stretching. Sleep. 

And those small wins led him to his two-year contract and his dream of becoming an NBA point guard.

Seize the opportunity you have in front of you today. It matters.