William Adams is a professional dancer, choreographer, and business owner. Will grew up in Indianapolis and took a leap of faith to move to Los Angeles after school when everyone in his life doubted it.

Through years of hard work and perseverance he has now worked with artists like TPain, Usher, Jason Derulo, and many others. He owns his own business that trains dancers and holds an annual convention for over 1,000 dancers from more than 25 countries. His YouTube Channel has almost 2 million subscribers.

For Will's full story, watch his awesome TEDx Talk below:

"Push yourself. Be your own coach. Make yourself feel uncomfortable. Believe in yourself. And know that if you do have dreams and goals, if they don't work out it's okay. It's not the end. It's not time to give up and be depressed. If you wanted to make it to the NFL, like me, well maybe you should become an agent, or a sports writer. Maybe you try to own the team instead of playing for the team."