This March, we attended the Afterschool Association Convention in Dallas, TX and had the opportunity to present one of our workshops to professionals from around the country.

We just found out that we've been voted one of the Top 25 Workshops at the conference this year! Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop and voted for us!

The presenters, who were selected by convention participants for their great workshop content and dynamic presentation styles, help create the wonderful convention experience that our community has come to expect. These presenters are truly special and NAA is grateful to have them join us in the development of afterschool professionals!

Article and Other Top 25 Presenters: https://naaweb.org/articles/item/671-naa17-top-25-presenters

Andy Roddick:
Andy Roddick was the Convention Keynote Speaker. Recently, we've heard a couple people say: "following your passion is bad advice". We don't necessarily agree with this argument, so Matthew said what the heck and asked Andy Roddick his thoughts.

Andy said that he thinks passions can change over time, but we should always have a passion. Whether it's just to help us get through bad days or it's what we do for our career. Whatever you do, you should be passionate about it, even if it's not what you were passionate about when you were five years old. 

Andy Rodick National Afterschool Association 220 Youth Leadership.JPG