Does this sound familiar?

  • You have limited time and money, but still want to provide your students with an awesome learning experience

  • You’re passionate about personal development, and wish you had the resources to increase your students’ exposure to this content

  • You don’t need a customized program, just proven curriculum that works


Enter The 220 Membership

Lesson Plans

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Save time and stress with our ready-to-go lesson plans delivered weekly and access to our flagship Online Course


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Help your students become better people with 220 content on leadership, career-readiness, entrepreneurship and more

Members-Only Benefits

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Get access to members-only benefits including private invitations, special trainings, exclusive pricing and more

After our goal setting session with you we had a really successful conversation about her grades and the short term and long term goals that need to happen in order for her to get back on track. It is just what she needed to break through her insecurities and self doubts.
— Anonymous feedback from mentor for student in 220 Program

How much does it cost?

This amount and quality of weekly content used to only be available for $10,000+ per year.

But we know that isn’t possible for everyone, and our goal is to impact as many students as we possibly can with our curriculum and products.

By becoming a 220 Member, not only do you get access to

52 weekly lesson plans on leadership, workforce, entrepreneurship and personal development…

but you also get:


Media, worksheets, slides, and other engaging resources for student personalization and skill-building

Access to a continuously growing library of resources on leadership, workforce development, entrepreneurship, personal development and more

Educator access to our flagship online course, Authentic Leadership

Surprise benefits including private invitations, exclusive webinars and prize drawings

20% discount on additional 220 programs and products


You get all of this for just:


That’s less than $2 per week

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Thanks for such an incredible program. I have received all kinds of positive feedback.
— Hector P., Vice President of Youth Club Services
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I have been stepping out of my comfort zone more often. For example, today on the train I had a conversation with the person next to me which turned out to be a lawyer (my desired profession)!
— Anonymous feedback from 220 student

Double Your Impact

220 1:1 Program

We’re serious about getting our content into as many hands as we can.

That’s why for every new 220 Membership purchase, we’re donating a lifetime seat in our flagship Online Course to a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Not only are you impacting the students you serve, but you’re giving one more student the chance to live their 220 (Second-to-None) Life.


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This program gave me confidence to pursue what I want to do with my life and it has sharpened my vision on what I want to do.
— Anonymous feedback from 220 student
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