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The 220 Annual Membership is an exclusive year-round program that helps you create impactful learning experiences for your students.


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Save time and stress with our ready-to-go project-based learning curricula and our flagship Online Course

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Save money with exclusive pricing on 220 products, courses, events and services available only to members

After our goal setting session with you we had a really successful conversation about her grades and the short term and long term goals that need to happen in order for her to get back on track. It is just what she needed to break through her insecurities and self doubts.
— Anonymous feedback from mentor for student in 220 Program

This Membership is for you if:

  • You have limited time and money, but still want to deliver an awesome experience for your students

  • You’re passionate about personal development, and wish you had the resources to increase your students’ exposure to this content

  • You don’t need a customized program, just proven curriculum that works

Thanks for such an incredible program. I have received all kinds of positive feedback.
— Hector P., Vice President of Youth Club Services

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The 220 Annual Membership will officially launch March 31.

But if you pre-purchase your Membership before March 30, you’ll receive 10 free student seats to Authentic Leadership, our flagship Online Course.


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As far as awesome learning content goes, we’ve got you covered


We know you want what’s best for your students, but you’re busy. Probably wearing multiple hats.

With your 220 Annual Membership, we do the heavy lifting for you.

We equip you with unique personal development content and passion-centered project-based curriculum designed to help your students increase their confidence, achieve their greatest goals and become better people.

But be careful… with our focus on personal development, year-round content and members-only pricing, you might just become a better person yourself.

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I have been stepping out of my comfort zone more often. For example, today on the train I had a conversation with the person next to me which turned out to be a lawyer (my desired profession)!
— Anonymous feedback from 220 student
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What is included in the Membership?

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Your individual membership includes:

Three 10-week project-based learning curricula on leadership, workforce & entrepreneurship (described below):


  • Teach every one of your students how to unlock their unique leadership style

  • Empower your students to create a compelling future with tangible goals based on their passions and strengths

  • Shift present behavior by identifying the daily habits and routines your students need for their definition of success


  • Help your students identify their dream career and the knowledge, skills and certifications they need to get there

  • Enable each student to create an advanced resume that clearly conveys their unique story and value

  • Train your students with the written, verbal and interview skills to master the networking and interview processes


  • Foster a creative, innovative, problem-solving mindset inside each student

  • Teach students to embrace challenges as opportunities and build resilience

  • Equip students with practical financial literacy skills and the understanding of how to create value

Private weekly content subscription including articles, videos, podcasts, webinars, exercises and activities for you and your students

Access to a continuously growing library of resources on:

  • Leadership

  • Workforce development

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Personal development

  • Social skills

  • Professional skills

  • Physical health

  • Mental health

Educator access to our flagship online course, Authentic Leadership

20% discount on other 220 Trainings, Products & Services for your organization


How much does it cost?

Individually, these services add up to over $10,000 per year.

But we know that isn’t possible for everyone, and our goal is to impact as many students as we possibly can with our curriculum and products.

So by becoming a 220 Annual Member, you can have access to the current and newly developed curricula, weekly content, online course and exclusive pricing for just:


That’s less than $2 per week.

# of Members:
This program gave me confidence to peruse what I want to do with my life and it has sharpened my vision on what I want to do.
— Anonymous feedback from 220 student
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