What We Believe

That everyone, regardless of their background, upbringing, circumstances or self-limiting beliefs, has the ability to create an extraordinary life.

The keys are to:

  • Shatter self-limiting beliefs

  • Envision a compelling future

  • Reverse engineer the action plan

  • Identify and overcome obstacles

  • Recruit support from a strong group of peers and mentors

What We Do

Our programs, partnerships, workshops and online courses do just that. We help students unlock potential and motivation by thinking bigger about their future; designing their lives around their identity, values and passions; and acquiring the mindset, skills and habits of top performers to learn a lifelong practice for success and fulfillment.

We do that through Authentic Leadership, Workforce Development and Social Entrepreneurship.




Why We Do This

YOUNG 4.jpg

When we were growing up, we thought we pretty much did everything “right.”  We were strong students, multiple-sport athletes, leaders in student organizations and recipients of several awards and scholarships.

In college, it looked pretty much the same.  We graduated with finance and entrepreneurship degrees from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.  We both served as the President of one of the most prestigious fraternity chapters in the country.

Upon graduation, we did what we were “supposed to do” and got high paying jobs in Chicago working in commercial banking and consulting.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that doing everything “right” didn’t necessarily mean we would be happy. Instead, we were unfulfilled and knew there was more to life than doing what everyone told us we were supposed to do.

We started 220 because of our deep belief that everyone deserves to live their ultimate 220 (Second-to-None) Life. That means all seven days in a week are the same: full of love, passion, excitement and fulfillment. If we could have just one job in the world, we’d choose this one every time.

Matthew & Joseph Moheban Headshot.jpg

Now, we live that 220 Life for ourselves and we help others learn how to do the same.

Getting here wasn’t easy. We had to rewrite our script. We had to overcome our own self-limiting beliefs to do what most people told us was impossible. A 25 and 23-year old with no education background leaving corporate jobs to start and run a successful education company with no outside funding? People thought we were nuts.

You know what we realized in the process?  Doing what we love made it worth it to rewrite that script.

Waking up every day to help students overcome their own limiting beliefs, teaching them to design, create and live their lives based on passion, excitement and fulfillment and seeing their faces when they begin to understand what’s possible in their life… now that’s what gets us out of bed.


We work tirelessly to create opportunities for students to recognize and realize their 220 Life. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.






How would you like to get started?