How to use this course


The 220 Online Leadership Course is designed for each of your students to:

  • Learn the Science of Achievement

  • Unlock unprecedented motivation

  • Build confidence and critical intangible skills

  • Create a personalized plan for success based on their passions

  • Discover their ability to lead by example

Students will guide themselves through the 9 Modules, each of which contains:

  • Video led by a 220 founder to introduce and teach concepts

  • Supplemental articles, videos or images to reinforce the concepts

  • Instructional video to fill out the corresponding section in their Kickstarter

  • 220 Challenge to apply their learning by practicing in the real world

  • Content retention questions and prompts

  • Recommended resources for additional learning

  • Community discussion feature


Complete the course yourself first. This will allow you to:

  • Fully understand the material

  • Maximize the effectiveness of the discussions

  • React positively and improvise based on a wide range of student goals and questions

  • Lead by example by sharing goals, obstacles and stories you identified through the course

  • Teach authentically by incorporating your own passions into the discussions and culminating project



Accelerated Schedule
6 Weeks

Extended Schedule
10 Weeks


Each module should take up to an hour to allow sufficient time for students to learn, reflect and complete the section in their Kickstarter.


The Kickstarter Workbook is a fillable PDF that can be used and saved on a computer, iPad or iPhone.

The PDF has to be downloaded locally to the laptop, iPad or iPhone so that a student’s answers are saved and can be re-accessed. If students type in the PDF in their browser, their answers will not save.

To avoid losing their data, make sure students save and edit the file in one of the following locations:

  • Computer: My Documents or My Desktop

  • iPad or iPhone: Add to iBooks


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