Calling All 21st CCLC Leaders Striving For Excellence!

The 220 Program Impact Calculator will give you insight into the current quality of these three keys for your organization. We'll help you:

1. identify areas where your organization can improve
2. get personalized recommendations to improve in those areas
3. start planning out your action steps right inside the report

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Download Your Program Impact Calculator

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Through this short yet thorough questionnaire, you'll gain the clarity you need to take your program, students, staff and organization to the next level.
We'll assess the strength of your afterschool organization in the following areas:
>>>Staff Quality & Satisfaction
>>>Student Engagement & Impact
Based on your results, we'll deliver personalized advice on how to help you improve in the areas you need it most. We've crafted these recommendations based on 10+ years of experience working with premier afterschool programs around the country.
We hope this tool helps you on your journey to grow your impact, improve your program, reduce staff burnout and get more funding.


"Students are in dire need of proper support that comes with tools and resources...220 is the benchmark!”

-Matt Moran Founder, Generating Winners