We help fraternity and sorority organizations perform at the highest level through advanced leadership training for Greek Chapter Executive Teams. This leadership program addresses some of the most common challenges facing Greek Chapters today:

  • Values-Based Executive Leadership
  • Risk Management (social, drugs & alcohol, new member education programs, etc.)
  • Chapter-wide ownership over the success of the organization
  • Committee and member accountability and engagement
  • Chapter-wide academic performance and programming
  • Career placement for Seniors and Juniors

We both served as the President of the Zeta Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at Indiana University, one of the most storied FIJI Chapters in North America. 

We created this program based on our experience and what we felt was missing from Greek culture.

The Program

The Greek Leadership Program includes the following components:

  • 4-Hour Executive Team Retreat
  • Committee Kickoff Meetings
  • Chapter-Wide Goal-Setting Kickoff Meeting
  • Monthly Virtual Executive Team Meetings
  • 220 Performance Tools for All Members
  • 220 Career Tools for Upperclassmen
  • Access to 220 Greek Mastermind Group


Our clients have experienced the following benefits from our programs:

  • Enhanced Chapter Leadership
  • Stronger Chapter Involvement
  • Improved Academic Performance
  • Reduction in Negative Incidents
  • Higher Internship/Job Placement
  • Improved Ownership & Morale



"As a Cabinet, I know we were pretty run down when the program started and we had kind of given up on implementing new things that could be beneficial for the house. The program helped motivate us to finish strong and give the next Cabinet a great a place to start and an example of how to move forward."
-Chapter President

"Matthew and Joseph did a great job helping guys in our house pursue their goals. They were very effective in pushing guys to think about what they have passion for, what they would like to do with their life, and how that translates to their short, medium, and long-term goals."
-Greek Executive Team Member

"It was nice to have a mentor/leadership figure to look up to when starting college. I think this program is especially effective for freshmen because the first few weeks/months of college are a whirlwind, and it is comforting to be surrounded by some wisdom."
-Freshman Greek Student

"As recent college graduates, Joe and Matt know the struggles and challenges were faced with better than anyone. They were able to help me, as well as others, improve my academics and leadership capabilities by preaching time management skills that gave me the confidence to succeed."
-Greek Upperclassman

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