You take a lot of pride in your work.

You care deeply about your students.


You desperately want them to succeed.


But with limited time and resources, it’s easier said than done.


That’s why we created a suite of curricula, courses and custom development services to help you and your organization:

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Provide transformational learning experiences

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Generate meaningful classroom and program outcomes

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Increase opportunities for funding and growth

220 partners with a wide variety of organizations 

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Empower them with the mindset and skills that really matter

220 Afterschool
from 99.00 every 12 months
  • Over 100 hours of premier personal development content to use in your afterschool program

  • Weekly lesson plans including slide decks, relevant media, student assessments, content learning videos, and more to help your student become the Second to None (220) version of themselves

    • How to Create Your 220 Life- 18 weeks

    • How to Land Your Dream Job- 18 weeks

    • How to Think Like an Entrepreneur- 16 weeks

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220 Schoolday
499.00 every 12 months
  • Full school year project-based learning curriculum with up to 200 hours of content (available in 180-Day Traditional or 90-Day Block Schedule)

  • Content and projects that help each student develop a compelling vision for their future, and turn their passions into skills through real-life individual and group projects

  • Includes daily Instructor Guides, slides, worksheets, videos and recommended resources to help you create transformational learning experiences

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220 is located in at the Merchandise Mart in 1871, Chicago’s Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship

“Right from the get go, it seemed like a good program but soon it exceeded my expectations. Even I felt inspired, as the session progressed, to do something good with my life.”
— Jorge O., HS Leadership Program Director