Why online?

Our online programming takes the Goal Achievement curriculum used in our 1-on-1 coaching programs and brings it to our families at a very affordable price. Your student will receive all of the tools and techniques needed to discover their leadership potential and change their mindset about personal success, achievement, and failure. 

The Program

Our online program teaches students how to define personal success in their own context and how to set & achieve any goal they have over the course of 5 online sessions. Once a student has signed up, they can complete the courses at their own pace and join weekly office hours to get help when needed on their goals, action plans, and vision boards. Through the online program, students will receive the following online courses:

The Tools

As a part of the program, each student will receive:

  • The 220 Goal Worksheet (Session 2)
  • The 220 Action Plan (Session 3)
  • The 220 Vision Board Plan (Session 4)
  • Motivational Tools (Session 5 and During Office Hours)
  • MORE!


We offer our first session at no cost to you, where we go through our 5 Steps to Unlocking Your Student's Leadership Potential. You can sign up for this first webinar by clicking the link below.

Purchase Online Program

If you are interested in getting your student started today with their own program, please register by clicking the link below.