Our mission is to help every student in the world access their leadership potential. We can only do that by collaborating with the people and the organizations that are already doing amazing things for our world’s youth. We are thrilled about the partners and resources below and are confident they can help your student and your family.

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GRIT Strength is the gold standard in athlete strength and conditioning, and personal fitness programs. Our Athlete Strength & Conditioning Programs are designed to help athletes of all ages increase their overall strength, speed, quickness, athleticism, and size.  We use techniques, exercises, and systems used by some of the best athletes and professionals in the country.


Integrated Health and Healing will empower you with:
-All Natural tools to create harmony and balance in your everyday life. 
-When balance is achieved you feel happier, lighter, and more peaceful.
-From this space is where you will achieve your highest potential.

Our focus is on providing guidance in a supportive environment, promoting a body~mind~spirit approach to health and happiness concentrating on clean eating, emotional introspection, and spiritual practice.

You will connect to your spark in life and develop new found motivation. You will feel empowered, energized and begin creating and recognizing your true potential.



 At Generating Winners our mission is to be the best Parent leadership resource on the web that primarily focuses on the Teenage years. We believe that these are the years in which our next generation needs us the most. From your teenager’s freshman year of high school until their senior year of college; we will be right there with you to maintain a truthful and unbiased compendium of knowledge, both in original content and cutting edge expert advice that will help and support you as a parent to maximize the overall potential of your teenager. We Got You!





People are generally unaware of their financial health and longevity. The Wealth Pool provides a sophisticated planning tool for its members and generates valuable feedback from the collective membership – the pool. This feedback is in the form of the membership’s financial numbers – anonymously. 

The more information we have – and share, the better decisions we make. There’s strength in numbers. In today’s sharing economy from available rooms to cars we optimize resources. What about the sharing of financial information and knowledge? Together, through The Wealth Pool, we collectively share our financial information – anonymously. We help fellow members of The Pool by simply participating.



Every student's standardized test score benefits from outside prep, courses, and training. And that increase could be the difference that results in admission to their dream school or that next scholarship level. Method Test Prep is one of the most reputable and effective SAT and ACT test prep companies in the game. Whether you are looking for a web-based, self-paced program, live online classes, or even personalized private tutoring, they have test prep offerings to fit any schedule, learning style, and budget.

Use promo code 220YOUTH to receive a 5% discount on any of their online test prep classes!



The Student Caring Project seeks to educate students by understanding their strengths and challenges and by then helping them to make the most of their college educations. We seek to clarify expectations about the goals of higher education for both professors and students, and we provide practical tools for faculty, students, and students’ families that will increase student success.