This is not test prep. Or tutoring. Or life coaching. This is highly personalized leadership coaching designed to maximize your student's potential through organic motivation and advanced goal-setting skills.


The 220 Goal Achievement Incubator is a 1-on-1, highly personalized coaching program designed to help students define personal success for themselves and teach them how to set and attack their most challenging goals. We do this by:

  • Helping students find the courage to take risks and put themselves in uncomfortable positions to develop Second-to-None leadership skills.
  • Enabling our students to identify what personal success means to them and encouraging them to think "220" about their goals 
  • Teaching students our effective, repeatable goal-setting process, which they learn through near-term goals so that they can apply them to their greatest long-term goals 
  • Using our goal-setting and motivational tools to stay organized, help them identify obstacles they will face ahead of time, and stay motivated through adversity


No single Incubator program is the same. That's because each and every program is completely customized for our students.

Some students need more coaching, some students need less. Our flexible and affordable coaching model will allow us to work together to create the perfect program for you and your family.

the 220 CORE LEADERSHIP assessment

We start each program with our 220 Core Leadership Assessment, a unique evaluation of your student's competency in the 220 Core Leadership Traits ("220 Core"). 220 Core are the characteristics that we believe are consistent for every exceptional leader. Your student will receive an overall leadership ranking based on their individual scores from these characteristics:






The Assessment allows our Coaches to learn about your student's interests, background & life experiences, strengths, and areas where they need improvement.


After completion of the Assessment, the program design as well as our Coaching is then focused on the following:

YOUR STUDENT'S GOALS: As a 220 Coach, it's all about helping your student set and attack their own goals. We do this by:

220 CORE: 220 Core are essential not only for leadership, but for accomplishing any challenging goals. The 220 Assessment results tell Coaches where your student's interests lie and what their strengths are so that they can be leveraged to improve on the areas of 220 Core that need to be refined. This method varies for each of our students given each one has a different background, interests, personality, experiences, and aspirations.

SUCCESS BEYOND THE COACHING: The amount of active Coaching for each student will vary based on their wants and needs. After the active Coaching is completed, we follow up with your student for up to one year on a weekly basis to make sure they are on track and be a resource to them in any way we can. We truly care about our students and want to help them maximize their potential.