We grew up believing in the traditional model of entrepreneurship:

  • Come up with an idea- this has to be a product or service with years of experience behind it
  • Get the idea financed through investors or loans
  • Grow as fast as you can by being better than your competition

There is a rapidly emerging wave of social entrepreneurship- that is, starting a company whose central mission or secondary objective is to make the world a better place- that does not require the "unicorn" Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat idea, nor does it require traditional "Shark Tank"-type venture capital funding.

We didn't have any of this to start 220, and more and more entrepreneurs are realizing that it's possible to build incredibly powerful businesses that capitalize on your unique passions, interests and skills with little to no outside funding.

And whether students want to ultimately become entrepreneurs or not, learning the mindset, skills and process needed to start a company will empower them with the creativity, drive and problem-solving ability to generate value in any area of their professional and personal lives.



  • How to start a business that fully integrates your work and life based on your identity, your values and your passions
  • The concept of creating value and how you can use it to create simple but powerful products and services
  • Why the traditional business plan is outdated and how to create a Business Model Canvas instead
  • Entrepreneurial fundamentals including the creative process, marketing and social media, sales and finance


  • Premier partnerships
  • Program consulting
  • Workshops & keynotes
  • Professional development
  • Free curriculum partnership with WAGI Labs & National Afterschool Association (coming soon)


  • Afterschool programs
  • School districts
  • Student-driven nonprofits
  • Community organizations
  • Athletic programs & teams
  • Greek chapters
  • Youth providers

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