The purpose of our Student Leadership Workshops is to empower high school and college students to enhance their potential, maximize their performance, and achieve their ultimate goals in the following areas:

  • Intentionally design a vision for the life they want to live
  • Perform academically and develop post-secondary & preliminary professional plans
  • Develop authentic leadership skills through passions and extracurriculars
  • Improve communication skills, interpersonal skills, and relationships
  • Obtain career-readiness skills for success after graduation
  • Prioritize proactive contribution to the betterment of their school and community



Student Leadership Workshops can include the following components:

  • Performance Workshop: Each program starts with our Performance Workshop- an extended workshop to design the long-term vision for each student's own life. Then, students set goals related to Academics, Leadership, and Passion. Throughout the workshop, they will participate in team building activities that focus on our big takeaways: Nothing is Unrealistic, Don’t Be Afraid to Fail, and Set Big Goals.
  • Enhancement Workshops:
    • Advanced Performance: Students develop their individual leadership by learning intangible skills like visualization, work ethic, preparation, persistence, discipline, resilience, and compassion. Students design their own Vision Board, which provides the ultimate motivation to achieve the goals they set during the first Performance Workshop.
    • Group Leadership: Our advanced leadership workshop to help student groups, teams, and organizations perform at the highest level. We focus on the vision and goals for the group, committee structure, running the group like a business, and holding members accountable to goals and standards.
    • Career: Our workshop specifically focused on getting students ready for their ultimate career. Whether it's corporate America or entrepreneurship, we focus on creating your ideal job, workplace professionalism, leadership in business, resume crafting, professional communication skills, personal brand, interview best practices, and how to stand out from the competition.



"Right from the get go, it seemed like a good program but soon it exceeded my expectations. Even I felt inspired, as the session progressed, to do something good with my life. I am very excited to have Joseph and Matthew back!"
-Jorge Ortega, HS Director of Student Leadership Group

“I liked how we did activities that got us to think about our goals and who we are and how we can work to be the best or Second-To-None versions of ourselves.”
-Group Program Student

“The program is excellent, helping kids identify what personal success means to them, create a vision for themselves, and put a solid plan together to achieve their goals…Our son has learned a great deal and is equipped with a personalized plan going forward.”
-Kristy B, Parent of 220 Student