The 220 Leadership Curriculum is a step-by-step guide for teachers and educators that allows you to implement our framework, tools, and activities with your students. This 10-week curriculum has been successfully tested, refined, and implemented at schools, afterschool programs, conferences, and organizations across the country. 


The 220 Leadership Curriculum includes:

  • Five in-depth modules covering The Leadership Through Achievement Framework
  • Instructor Guides with Recommended Session Outlines, Discussion Questions, and Methodology
  • 220 Leadership Tools Suite for All Students
  • Session Slide Decks with Speaking Notes
  • Top 10 Empowerment Videos and Discussion Topics
  • Team Building Exercises w/ Explainers and Leadership Discussion Questions
  • *In-Person or Virtual Training for Organizations

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The 220 Leadership Curriculum
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How long does it take to implement?
Our recommended implementation timeline is 10 weeks. Depending on the existing structure of your classroom/program, there are cues to make sure you can break up the modules to seamlessly implement all of the information in a way that makes sense for your students.

What is the 220 Leadership Tools Suite?
Each module has a tool that aligns with the content. The Tools Suite helps customize the experience for each student because they fill out their tools based on their vision and goals for their life.

How much does it cost?
$97 for one user. If you're interested in using the curriculum at an organization-level, access for up to 10 users is $749.

My students aren't leaders, how will they learn leadership through The 220 Leadership Curriculum?
Our curriculum is based on our 5-Step Leadership Through Achievement Process, which focuses on students learning to lead themselves before leading others. This is the foundation of leadership- to lead by example- which gives every student the opportunity to become a leader. Once students can lead themselves and achieve challenging goals, they can inspire and lead others through their actions and accomplishments.

Is there any training that comes with the curriculum?
For organizations looking to maximize their students' experience with this curriculum, we do offer virtual and in-person trainings for your facilitators. However, we've spent years traveling and implementing this program and developing the curriculum so that while the additional training is beneficial, it is not required.

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