Each of our programs is designed based on our Leadership Through Achievement Process, which consists primarily of the five steps outlined below. The fundamental principle of this process comes from the fact that no matter our age, race, background, career, or situation, the pinnacles of leadership, achievement, and success come down to accomplishing challenging individual and/or group goals.

1. Define Personal Success
2. Set Goals the Right Way
3. Create the Blueprint
4. Find & Maintain the Vision
5. Develop Authentic Leadership Skills

What students are saying

"The program made me think about what I want to do this school year, next school year, in college and later in life. It helped me think through what I actually want to do with my life and how I can achieve that."
-Leadership Retreat High School Student

Student outcomes

Included below are the skills that are focused on and developed through our programs, as well as the specific outcomes that have been consistent for students as a result of our programs.


Higher Extracurricular Involvement
Community Service/Volunteering
Improved Confidence
Internship & Job Offers
Stronger Resumes/Cover Letters
Stronger Interview Skills
New Leadership Positions
Increased Positive Risk-Taking
Improved GPA/Grades
Increased School Attendance
Reduced Behavioral Incidents
Improved Family Relationships


"Unrealistic" Vision
Big Goal-Setting
Aggressive Action Planning
Failure as an Asset
Humble Confidence
Team Building
Extreme Ownership
Social Awareness
Resilience and Grit

Why learn from 220?

  • At 27 and 25 years old, we’re able to connect with students better than traditional outside programs
  • We created our programs to teach students the psychology, tools, and skills that are practiced by some of the highest performing individuals in the world
  • Our programs are based on the support and guidance that we felt was missing from our high school and college leadership development programs
  • This program has been successfully tested, refined, and implemented at schools, afterschool programs, conferences, and organizations across the country

Our programs

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