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At 220, we partner with forward thinking workforce development and out-of-school time organizations to help youth become
leaders, creators and entrepreneurs

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Some of our visionary partners

The Problem

Today's youth are facing unprecedented challenges.

education system

Social media


Rapidly changing technology & jobs

Mental health challenges

Escalating personal debt



Collectively, we're failing to help them meet these challenges.

We're failing to prepare youth for life in the 21st century.

The Solution

The right education can teach every youth the mindset and skills they need to carve their own path and create any life they want.

Regardless of who they are or where they're starting.


That’s why we exist.

 220 courses and tools give you a step-by-step program to help your youth become leaders, creators and entrepreneurs.


Who We Serve

Workforce & Economic Development

  • Local, Regional & State Workforce Agencies
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Opportunity Youth & Family Engagement
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Out-of-School Time

  • Afterschool Programs & State Networks
  • Youth-Serving Nonprofits
  • Summer Learning
  • Sports-Based Youth Development
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Visionary Schools

  • Charter Schools
  • Urban High Schools
  • Rural High Schools
  • Counselor Training
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College & Greek Chapters

  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • College Mentoring Organizations
  • High School Alumni Programs
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What People Are Saying

Dr. Raed Elaydi
Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship

"Traditional education teaches you what they think you need to know. 220 allows you to discover the possibilities within you."

Sreela Banerjee
Founder, Life Skills Network

“You'll see the importance of your work. You're changing the world, one young person at a time. They'll use these skills and experiences for the rest of their lives.”

Greg Hall
The First Tee, Phoenix

"They'll soon be venturing out into the 'real' world and with the help of 220, I feel I'm preparing them to be our next leaders. I'd highly recommend 220."

Gerald Williams
Founder, Directed Initiatives for Youth

"220 has been a game changer for our organization. They've provided us with incredible tools to equip, empower, and encourage young people."

Zion G.
Aspiring NBA Executive, 220 Student

"You inspired me, motivated me, and guided me in the exact direction I need. You taught me how to be a good friend, a leader, and how to pursue my dreams."

Loti Walker
MSI, Senior Program Manager

“The brothers deliver resources and support with conviction, confidence, and pure genuine passion!”

Drew C.
Musician, 220 Student

"Before, I saw myself as unmotivated, didn’t really care about anything. I see a purpose in life now. I feel more motivated and actually want to work hard."

Nicole Cattley
The First Tee, Virginia

“Not only did you inspire our students, but because of you both, my vision is growing beyond what I had thought it could in a week.”

Benefits of using 220

1. Take out the guesswork using proven, ready-to-go courses and tools

Our platform makes implementing engaging, personalized courses easy with everything you need to help your youth learn the skills they actually need to succeed.

2. Get all the help you need with our live coaching & custom support

Our Team is here to make sure you succeed via your initial Onboarding Call, weekly Office Hours, email support- and even custom support if you need it- so all your specific needs are met.

3. Generate results with our unique approach to content and learning

Everything we teach has been tested by our team and then validated through research and testing with youth all over the country. Instead of hoping they learn skills indirectly through our classes, youth learn these critical skills directly, then connect them to their own goals.

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We started this company because this was our journey.

We were fortunate growing up to learn these critical skills from family, coaches, mentors and extracurricular experiences.

These skills helped us carve our own path and live out our dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

We started this company so we could help every youth get this same education, carve their own unique path, and help solve the world's greatest challenges.

Joseph & Matthew Moheban
Brothers & Founders of 220

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