This Is Why We Do What We Do

"Some of my students are attending Mizzou right now because 220. These are not kids that would be looked at like the super high flyers. But they're becoming the super high-flyers because of their goal-setting skills they learned in 220."

Katie Schiefelbein

Tiger Academy Site Director

“Traditional education teaches you what they think you need to know. 220 allows you to discover the possibilities within you.”

Dr. Raed Elaydi

Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship

“220 has been a game changer for our organization. It has provided us with incredible tools to equip, empower and encourage young people.”

Gerald Williams

Founder, Directed Initiatives for Youth

"220 inspired me, motivated me, and guided me in the exact direction I need. You taught me how to be a good friend, a leader, and how to pursue my dreams."

Zion G.

220 Student

"This program allows that special quality in afterschool workers to be highlighted…I'd like to thank 220 for building something out that encourages and facilitates relationships in afterschool. Because that's what afterschool really is all about."

Abby May

Program Director

“Before, I saw myself as unmotivated, didn’t really care about anything. I see a purpose in life now. I feel more motivated and actually want to work hard.”

Drew C.

Musician, 220 Student

“This program has provided immeasurable advantages in creating leaders of excellence in our organization…I would recommend 220 to any group without reservation.”

Pete King


“We have several programs who have fully committed to using the 220 online curriculum. They have loved the opportunity to help their high school students plan for life after high school graduation.”

Brad Lademann

Associate Director of Quality Initiatives

220 is what I've been waiting for. Our students need the understanding of today’s way of life and how to succeed in it. These tools and information can also help me and the staff at the center.

Laguanda Jacobs

Job Corps Center Peer Leadership Coordinator

“220 helped me develop as a multi-faceted leader and young professional in ways I never expected. The program's structured, personalized curriculum drove me and the members of my organization to uphold a culture of personal development, collective betterment, and high organizational achievement.

Chris J.

220 Student

"...with this course I now can take on the world and anything it throws my way. I am certain of my 10 year goal and I am sure to achieve it. My life changed throughout this learning experience…"

220 Student

While working 220 I was able to see not only an increase in my grades consistently, but overall with everything I improved in. They helped me apply useful skills for every part of my life and in becoming a leader in the community.

220 Student

“I am most proud that I used what I learned from 220 to turn my passions into something that I can use for the future to build a better life for myself.” 

220 Student

"I have more confidence in myself and my dreams, knowing that there are people like you telling me not to back down from the impossible. I can not wait to live my 220 life.”

220 Student

"220 has helped me better assess my goals, both long and short term. I now realize ways I can improve my spending habits, increase my income, and plan for emergencies and special occasions."

220 Student