How It Works

Ready to Explore the 220 Platform?

The Platform

Our all-in-one youth development platform serves your organization and its students by delivering world-class content, increasing youth engagement, reducing staff burnout and equipping students for lifelong success.

The platform provides access to a suite of courses. Each course includes videos, slides, articles, worksheets, challenges and resources that make effectively implementing these new programs as easy as possible.

The Courses

220 has 5 different courses designed to help students learn the skills they need to create the life they want:

Each course consists of 18 modules.
Instructor-Led and Student Online tracks are available for most courses.

Instructor-Led Courses

An instructor leads students through live, in-person or video-call lessons (also known as synchronous learning).

Instructor-led courses are a good option if:

  • Your class or program meets at least once a week and has a minimum of 30 minutes available for 220 content.
  • You or a staff member is consistently available and dedicated to the program.
  • Your students attend your in-person or virtual program almost every week during which the 220 content is taught.
  • You don’t want or need your students to be responsible for logging into an online course platform.

Instructor-led courses encompass a number of materials:

Lesson plans include content background, lesson materials, two agendas (short and long versions) and recommended resources for exploring the subject in greater depth.

Visually engaging slides come with detailed presenter notes, scripts, questions to ask and answers to expect.

Worksheets help each student create a personalized plan and immediately apply each concept to his or her own life and goals.

Results assessments and plug-and-play project rubrics allow you to correctly evaluate student progress and performance.

Student Online Courses

Students get their own 220 accounts. They log in to the courses and complete them independently, either under light supervision or completely on their own (also known as asynchronous learning).


Student online courses are a good option if:

  • Your students are capable of completing courses or other work independently and online.
  • You serve a large number of students or want to serve more than your current staff-to-student ratio allows.
  • Your class or program has inconsistent attendance because the sessions are optional, or the program is elective.
  • You or a highly qualified instructor will not be available at every session, or you don’t have an available slot during your regular class or program.
  • You want to minimize the pressures on your staff and reduce burnout.

Student online courses include a variety of materials:

Content videos ensure that students are engaged and understand the concepts in each module.

Course workbooks help students apply the content to the real world through practical, personalized plans.

Quizzes and surveys give students confidence that they have understood and learned the critical concepts while helping you track their learning and development.

Discussion boards provide a space for students to connect and collaborate with others.

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