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Students aren’t learning how to be successful in the real world.

They need real world success strategies now more than ever.

You know this and want more for your students, but:

  • It's hard to know where to start
  • What you've tried so far isn't working
  • Most resources are boring, outdated and ineffective
  • Creating your own is expensive and time-consuming

Enter 220.

220 has everything you need to help your students learn remotely, stay engaged in their own education and think differently about their future.

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Most students never reach their potential because our one-size-fits-all education fails to develop their purpose.

Help your students unlock motivation by creating a limitless 10-year vision and connecting that future to their current goals, behavior and schedule.

18 lesson plans, slides, videos, worksheets, assessments

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Students are told to rack up as many achievements as possible, but they never learn how to sell this to schools and employers.

Empower them with the standout resume, interview skills and professional writing skills to land any job they want.

18 lesson plans, slides, worksheets, assessments

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Entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving are required to succeed in the 21st century, yet many students believe it’s not for them.

Make entrepreneurship accessible for all students by enhancing their creative thinking, problem-solving and presentation skills.

18 lesson plans, slides, worksheets, assessments

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The student-facing version of Create Your 220 Life.

Students unlock motivation by creating a limitless 10-year vision and connecting that future to their current goals, behavior and schedule.

9 modules, videos, articles, workbook, challenges

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Most resumes look bad and undersell that person’s value.

Students get a step-by-step tutorial with templates and examples on how to create a professional resume that stands out to employers and schools.

6 modules, videos, articles, resume templates

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Most students are terrified of the interview room because they don’t know what to expect.

Students learn how to prepare and dominate the predictable structure of 99% of interviews with expected questions, answer scripts and practical worksheets.

6 modules, articles, workbook, practice questions

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Most people never learn how to manage their personal finances.

This practical course will empower students to create their own personal budget and learn how to take control of their financial future.

10 modules, videos, articles, personal budget spreadsheet template

With more courses being added regularly

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We feel your pain.

“Growing up, we were frustrated that the most important things we learned all came from outside the classroom.

We started 220 to give students the education we wished we had: programs that cut through the clutter and teach you what you actually need to be successful."

Joseph & Matthew Moheban
Brothers & Founders of 220

Join the thousands of students and hundreds of organizations using 220.

220 is a member company of 1871 Chicago, the world's #1 private business incubator.

Dr. Raed Elaydi
Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship

"Traditional education teaches you what they think you need to know. 220 allows you to discover the possibilities within you."

Sreela Banerjee
Founder, Life Skills Network

“You'll see the importance of your work. You're changing the world, one young person at a time. They'll use these skills and experiences for the rest of their lives.”

Greg Hall
The First Tee, Phoenix

"They'll soon be venturing out into the 'real' world and with the help of 220, I feel I'm preparing them to be our next leaders. I'd highly recommend 220."

Gerald Williams
Founder, Directed Initiatives for Youth

"220 has been a game changer for our organization. They've provided us with incredible tools to equip, empower, and encourage young people."

Zion G.
Aspiring NBA Executive, 220 Student

"You inspired me, motivated me, and guided me in the exact direction I need. You taught me how to be a good friend, a leader, and how to pursue my dreams."

Loti Walker
MSI, Senior Program Manager

“The brothers deliver resources and support with conviction, confidence, and pure genuine passion!”

Drew C.
Musician, 220 Student

"Before, I saw myself as unmotivated, didn’t really care about anything. I see a purpose in life now. I feel more motivated and actually want to work hard."

Nicole Cattley
The First Tee, Virginia

“Not only did you inspire our students, but because of you both, my vision is growing beyond what I had thought it could in a week.”

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How to help students turn passions into skills

Teach your students how to manage themselves

220 Gives Back: Helping Young Entrepreneurs

220 donates 2.20% of net profits each year to support WagiLabs programs and students. WagiLabs is an organization that uses its 100% free and open-source curriculum to teach entrepreneurship to young students across the world. WagiLabs helps students unlock curiosity, compassion, and courage to come up with ideas that “do good” to help people, animals, and the environment. Click here to learn more about WagiLabs.

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