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We help students think differently about their future, develop real world skills, and accomplish their most important goals in life.

220 gives you everything you need to help your organization, staff, and students thrive

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200 Partners and Counting...

You're in the right place if you want to:

  • Grow programming and funding opportunities (without constantly applying for grants)
  • Create a standout program recognized by funders and partners
  • Stop worrying about hitting your regularly attending participants (RAPs) and focus on impact
  • Produce powerful, sustainable outcomes for your students
  • Help their students who are struggling, disengaged, and/or overcoming trauma

  • Standardize the quality of your staff without spending a fortune or your own time on training
  • Reduce your dependency on individual staff while increasing the quality of your program and outcomes
  • Stop feeling burned out, get some work life balance and find more joy in your daily work
  • Be seen as a leader and innovator in your community and leave a lasting legacy with your organization

How It Works


Designed for you.

We are the only 100% intentionally designed afterschool online platform that focuses on giving your entire organization ready-to-implement programs to reduce staff burnout, increase student engagement and expand funding opportunities.

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Our ready-to-implement Learning Tracks will give you evidence-based curriculum to teach the skills students need to succeed- while reenergizing your staff and reducing burnout. We have multiple content tracks to help you teach what’s most relevant for your program and your funders that you can implement overnight:

  • The Leadership Track
  • The Professional Track
  • The Entrepreneurship Track
  • The Personal Finance Track
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Built In Support.

We understand that each program we work with is different. So we provide multiple layers of support to ensure you have everything you need to grow your impact and funding:

  • Monthly Professional Development
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Weekly Student Webinars
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Guesswork Gone.

Save time, money, and energy by removing the guesswork around growing your program. Every step is mapped out with timelines in our action plan, outreach templates, and data reporting tools so there’s no ambiguity:

  • Step-by-Step Action Plan
  • Community and Funder Outreach Templates
  • Student Data Evaluation Tools
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Join the thousands of students and organizations using 220

The Indiana Afterschool Network goes from No High School CCR Programming to 200+ students engaged

Project Brief: The Indiana Afterschool Network and Indiana Department of Education provide funding and resources to Out of School programs across the state to help them reach their goals.

Most of the work in this space is focused on Elementary and Middle School programs, while the High School Programs are left without much attention.

Before our partnership, the programs were doing a lot to try to meet the needs, but were falling short because they didn't have the adaptable resources to be able to support and engage the students. Staff were overworked and the high school students were more overlooked than before.

We started working with 10 programs from across the state in fall of 2020 during a very challenging year for schools and afterschool organizations. All program staff and students were given access to the 220 Platform and students were encouraged to complete one 220 module per week. We also conducted monthly webinars to answer questions and support the students/staff.

By the end of first semester, programs were off and running with the 220 Platform. Students were developing their leadership skills online and teachers were doing far less work than before. The adaptable nature of the platform allowed for students to login at the best time for them to complete their work. Teachers were able to conduct impactful discussions with their students based on the work that had been completed each week.

Before: 0 High School Students Engaged in Centralized CCR Programming

After: 200+ Students Engaged

Timeline: 3 months


"This program allows that special quality in afterschool workers to be highlighted. There are a lot of programs that don't allow for the facilitation of a real connection and encourage growth and curiosity. I'd like to thank 220 for building something out that encourages and facilitates relationships in afterschool. Because that's what afterschool really is all about."

-Abby May, Michigan City Area School, Safe Harbor Program Director

"I love the program because it allows the students to look at different perspectives. Being that it's online it allows students to connect and meet students where they are which is the technology...allows students to experience something that isn't so cookie cutter. It applies to them. All students want to be seen, heard, and valued. And this is a program that allows them to see "Hey this is for me, this is my future.' And it allows them to project out and not just worry about today. And so I think it's just a phenomenal opportunity for students who have the chance to participate."

-Nyika Leggett, Michigan City Area School, Safe Harbor Program

ChickTech Chicago gets $15,000 to start a new entrepreneurship program where students created their own conceptual startup

Project Brief: In partnership with the Chicago Learning Exchange, ChickTech and 220 worked together to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Participants used 220 Online Courses to develop their ideas, supplemented by workshops hosted at 1871- Chicago’s Technology & Entrepreneurship Center. Each participant created a minimum viable app design and presented their passion project at the culminating “pitch” event.

The ChickTech / 220 partnership empowered individual students to change the trajectory of their lives. Through the program intervention of self-discovery, leadership and social entrepreneurship, students will expand their perspective of what is possible for themselves, their community and the world whereas if the intervention did not occur, they might have settled for much less.

By empowering more individuals to optimize their potential and become positive, contributing citizens, students can transform their schools and organizations, and the community by solving some of its greatest challenges. 

“My passion project was to create a mobile app that is an outlet for those who want to volunteer, organizations who need volunteers, as well as planning out the volunteering itself.” 

-Program Participant

Before: 0 Students Engaged in Entrepreneurship Programming

After: 20+ Students Engaged
$15,000 in New Funding

Timeline: 3 months

“Thank you so much for leading such a great experience for the students! I agree that there was still a big impact on those that participated.” 

-Katie SanFillipo, ChickTech CEO 

“Thank you for having us, I loved the workshop. You guys do an amazing job and I really enjoyed it!”

-Ana Parrott, ChickTech Mentor


EmployIndy goes from monthly in-person trainings to a full learning management system with on-demand courses to serve all of Marion County 

Project Brief: In June 2019, EmployIndy and Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana formally partnered with 220 on a project called Learning Management System Youth Coaching Curriculum and Content Development. They requested a partner to build out a Learning Management System (LMS) in order to increase the number of coaches equipped to assist young adults in achieving their education and career goals. The scope of the project was focused on Target Impact Areas where residents were most affected by poverty and unemployment.

  • After the initial project scope was completed in 2019, EmployIndy contracted 220 to continue the LMS buildout through the end of 2020, working to complete the following key activities:
  • Hold a citywide key stakeholder feedback session to understand user questions, suggested platform improvements, and how to best leverage the platform for maximum usage
  • Create banners, course cards, graphics, and other visual enhancements
  • Develop additional videos, course content, and backend data to support participating organizations
  • Connect the Learning Management System with EmployIndy’s existing Intranet to streamline user engagement and clarify how to use both systems
  • Build 18 additional training videos to support the Youth Employment Services ETO platform
  • Present key findings and updates to Senior Leadership team to better align organizational initiatives with LMS and Intranet progress

Before: All Career Coach Training In-Person and 1x/month

After: On-Demand County-wide LMS with hours of content for Career Coaches

Timeframe: 12 months

“WOW – it seems like just last week we connected 220 and the YES Indy team to build out this set of courses for the network but in reality I know it has been a thoughtfully orchestrated and executed project for many, many months. Congratulations, team, for getting this over the finish line! The expansion and improvements to the Learning Hub over the past year have been nothing short of remarkable!”

Chelsea Meldrum, Chief Development & External Affairs Officer

Matthew – Really appreciate your leadership, technical guidance and expertise  to not only help call out questions we didn’t know we should be asking, to get a quality product for users, but for your administrative and project management skills as well which proved invaluable towards keeping this project on task, schedule and within budget. Thanks again, Rodney” 

Rodney Francis, Chief Programs Officer

220 is a member company of 1871 Chicago, the world's #1 private business incubator.

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We feel your pain.

“Growing up, we were frustrated that the most important things we learned all came from outside the classroom.

We started 220 to give students the education we wished we had: programs that cut through the clutter and teach you what you actually need to be successful."

Joseph & Matthew Moheban
Brothers & Founders of 220

Read. Watch. Listen.

Check out our free resources to help your students develop the skillset and mindset to succeed in the real world..

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[Tool] Program Impact Calculator

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[Video] Teach your students to manage themselves

[Video] Virtual Training: Prepare Your Students To Succeed In The Real World

[Interview] Austin Belcak on how to skyrocket your chances of landing your dream job

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Dr. Raed Elaydi
Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship

"Traditional education teaches you what they think you need to know. 220 allows you to discover the possibilities within you."

Sreela Banerjee
Founder, Life Skills Network

“You'll see the importance of your work. You're changing the world, one young person at a time. They'll use these skills and experiences for the rest of their lives.”

Greg Hall
The First Tee, Phoenix

"They'll soon be venturing out into the 'real' world and with the help of 220, I feel I'm preparing them to be our next leaders. I'd highly recommend 220."

Gerald Williams
Founder, Directed Initiatives for Youth

"220 has been a game changer for our organization. They've provided us with incredible tools to equip, empower, and encourage young people."

Zion G.
Aspiring NBA Executive, 220 Student

"You inspired me, motivated me, and guided me in the exact direction I need. You taught me how to be a good friend, a leader, and how to pursue my dreams."

Loti Walker
MSI, Senior Program Manager

“The brothers deliver resources and support with conviction, confidence, and pure genuine passion!”

Drew C.
Musician, 220 Student

"Before, I saw myself as unmotivated, didn’t really care about anything. I see a purpose in life now. I feel more motivated and actually want to work hard."

Nicole Cattley
The First Tee, Virginia

“Not only did you inspire our students, but because of you both, my vision is growing beyond what I had thought it could in a week.”

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220 Gives Back: Helping Young Entrepreneurs

220 donates 2.20% of net profits each year to support WagiLabs programs and students. WagiLabs is an organization that uses its 100% free and open-source curriculum to teach entrepreneurship to young students across the world. WagiLabs helps students unlock curiosity, compassion, and courage to come up with ideas that “do good” to help people, animals, and the environment. Click here to learn more about WagiLabs.

“This program has provided immeasurable advantages in creating leaders of excellence in our organization. The integrity of these young men and the leadership program they bring are of the highest quality, and I would recommend them to any group without reservation.”

-Peter King, 220 Customer


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