Do you wish you could implement a higher-quality youth program, but…

  • Struggle to find the time to develop new programs?

  • Hard to locate funding or the other resources you need?

  • Content not resonating with your students?

  • Tried new things that didn’t produce outcomes?

  • Frustrated by the lack of support from your organization?

  • Looking to take your program to the next level?


That’s why we created a suite of curriculum and digital resources to help you:

  • Provide transformational learning experiences

  • Generate meaningful outcomes

  • Increase funding opportunities



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“220 constructs a strong foundation for the practice of goal setting. In addition to serving as examples of successful goal achievers themselves, the brothers deliver resources and support with conviction, confidence, and pure genuine passion!”
-Loti, Afterschool Professional




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"You guys inspired me, motivated me, and guided me in the exact direction I need. The things you taught me are so important in relation to my life. You taught me how to be a good friend, a leader, and how to pursue my dreams."
-Zion, 220 student


220 works for a wide range of programs

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We were frustrated that despite knowing we wanted to be entrepreneurs, society’s invisible scripts forced us to get the safe major and go after high-paying jobs that did not align with our passions.”

“So we left banking and consulting to create a suite of curriculum, programs and resources to equip educators with the education we should be teaching in schools.

We’re on a mission to help as many students as possible take ownership of their future, design their life without limitations and instantly shift their mindset and confidence.”

-220 Founders Matthew and Joseph Moheban

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Our programs focus on breaking down self-limiting beliefs, setting “unrealistic” goals, and using the power of failure and persistence to show students they can create any life they want by instantly shifting their behavior.


Knowledge, skills and confidence all come from taking action. That’s why our programs have students creating passion projects, organizing community events and starting companies to gain real-world experience.


Each student has a unique gift to contribute to the world. Our programs teach students how to take charge of their education, and leverage their individual strengths and passions to create a compelling future.


What people are saying


"Traditional education teaches what they think you need to know. While 220 allows you to discover yourself and the possibilities within you."

Raed Elaydi, Amoco Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management, Roosevelt University


“One lesson that will stick to me is, nothing is unrealistic, we can accomplish anything if we set our minds to it & work hard for our goals."

-220 Student


"Kelly gathered the group and gave the 40% Rule talk and got the group fired up! They then ran 2 more miles!"

-Jeff, Administrator


"When I talk about you to my peers and friends, I always say that you guys are the next Tony Robbins."

-Dianne, 220 Partner