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We help youth ages 14-24 become leaders, creators and entrepreneurs.

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5 Learning Tracks to Help Youth Thrive

Our all-in-one leadership development training platform for schools and non-profits delivers world-class content, increases engagement, reduces staff burnout and equips youth for lifelong success.

Our courses help young people develop the mindset and skills to carve their own paths to success — whatever that means to them.

People Say 220 Is Second (2) to (2) None (0)

“Traditional education teaches you what they think you need to know. 220 allows you to discover the possibilities within you.”

Dr. Raed Elaydi

Tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship

“Before, I saw myself as unmotivated, didn’t really care about anything. I see a purpose in life now. I feel more motivated and actually want to work hard.”

Drew C.

Musician, 220 Student

“220 has been a game changer for our organization. It has provided us with incredible tools to equip, empower and encourage young people.”

Gerald Williams

Founder, Directed Initiatives for Youth

Why You Should Work with 220 Leadership

220 works with organizations seeking new, high-quality leadership courses for students or a new training partner to help youth achieve their second-to-none potential. We provide everything you need through all-inclusive content while making the process of helping young people easier for your organization. 

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  • We take work off your plate — you don’t have to create your own curriculum or youth leadership courses.
  • We take the guesswork out by providing turnkey, ready-to-use courses.
  • We provide the training your staff needs to successfully implement the courses, ultimately saving them time and reducing burnout.
  • We focus on the content that organizations and students are craving — soft skills education to help students from every community live an extraordinary life.
  • Our team of experts partners with your organization to help you reach your goals.

300+ Educational Partners …. and Counting!

Our state-of-the-art leadership and professional development training programs are used by more than 300 organizations across the United States

220 Equips Youth for Lifelong Success

Growing up, brothers and 220 founders Joseph and Matthew Moheban were fortunate to learn the skills that young people need to be successful. They learned many of these skills outside the formal curriculum from their parents, exceptional teachers, coaches, mentors and extracurricular experiences. As adults, the brothers realized that they were the exception, that many youth, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, were not getting this education.


Joseph and Matthew decided to devote their lives to helping every young person create their own 220 (or second-to-none) life regardless of the advantages or disadvantages with which they started. They created a formal curriculum around the skills they were fortunate to learn — skills that helped them carve out their own paths and live out their dreams. We are committed to helping youth create their own 220 lives through our courses and services.

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220 Measures Success Where It Counts

Our 100+ hours of quality content are designed to educate students and equip them for lifelong success. Since 2015, our state-of-the-art tools, courses and content have been used by 5,000+ students and by more than 300 visionary partners across the United States. 

After taking our courses, 220 students Strongly Agree or Agree that they feel more confident …

in their ability to create a life that excites them.

in their understanding of a resume and how it can help them accomplish their goals.

in their ability to accomplish their professional goals.

in their ability to be entrepreneurially creative and solve problems.

in their ability to achieve their financial goals.