About Us

220 Stands for Second (2) to (2) None (0)

Our Mission, Vision and What We Do

Our Mission: Solve the world’s challenges by helping people access their second-to-none potential.

Our Vision: Empower every youth with the mindset and skills to thrive in life.

What We Do: Provide organizations and individuals with tools, courses and content to help youth become leaders, creators and entrepreneurs.

About Our Vision and Long-Term Goals

At 220, our vision is to help increase the number of youth who are able to achieve their second-to-none potential. This means they are thriving in their work + income, health + lifestyle, and key relationships.

This vision has profound ripple effects. By helping individuals live up to their full potential, we are helping to:

  • Break the cycle of poverty
  • Empower minorities
  • Elevate the workforce
  • Grow the economy and reduce dependence on federal funding
  • Reduce violence and crime and increase safety in all neighborhoods
  • Foster innovation to solve local, regional, national and global problems
  • Establish stable family lives
  • Create leaders for their siblings, peers, parents and communities
  • Improve educational outcomes and school culture
  • Reduce dependence on a college education to achieve successful careers and income equality

The 220 Purpose and Our Guiding Values

220 partners with workforce development agencies, Job Corps centers, large out-of-school- time organizations, visionary educational institutions and imaginative foundations to create the local and global leaders of tomorrow. We do this work with a world-class remote team of extremely motivated, highly skilled go-getters who want to change the world. This allows us to create cutting-edge, transformational courses and programs for youth and the organizations serving them.

Why do we do what we do? We do this work because it is our purpose. Our life journeys and passions have shown us that anything is possible with the right mindset and “education,” so there is no reason for any youth or anyone to suffer. We can help end suffering by empowering every youth with the mindset and skills he or she needs to create his or her own 220 life, become a leader, creator or entrepreneur, and change the world.

We strive to accomplish our purpose by aligning our work with our values. Our values help our team understand what we stand for and provide the guidance we need to help us achieve our company’s goals. Our values are:

  • Create the Second-to-None Education
  • Achieve 220 Ownership
  • Be a 220 Team Player
  • Empower a 220 Mindset
  • Live Your 220 Life

A Message from Our Founders

This company reflects our personal journeys. As brothers growing up, we were fortunate to learn the skills youth need to be successful. But we learned many of these skills outside the classroom — from our parents, family, teachers we were lucky to have, coaches, mentors and extracurricular experiences. These skills helped us carve our own paths and live out our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. But we realized that we were the exception — that many young people, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, were not getting this “education” because it isn’t part of the Core 40 curriculum.

Youth are always going to be starting in different places, with advantages and disadvantages. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have equally high potential, and education should be the equalizer that helps them reach their potential. We wanted to create a formal curriculum around the skills we were fortunate to learn, and that every youth needs to learn, to thrive in work and life. Every youth has the ability to create his or her own 220 (second-to-none) life, and that’s exactly what we try to help each one do through our courses and services. 

We’re grateful to have you on this journey with us.

Joseph Moheban

Co-Founder, COO

Matthew Moheban

Co-Founder, CEO