Personal Finance

Financial Education for Young Adults

Effective Financial Literacy Courses for Youth

Most people never learn how to manage their personal finances, which means that the need for teaching financial literacy to youth is critical. Our practical course empowers students to create their own personal budget and learn how to take control of their financial future.

After completing our personal financial literacy class, your students will understand:

  • The fundamentals of earning money
  • The critical difference between saving and investing
  • How to spend money on things they love without feeling guilty
  • The most important concept of paying yourself first
  • How to automate their money flow so it works for them
  • How to create a realistic budget to accomplish their most desired goals

At the end of the course, students will present their new perspective on money along with their automated savings and investing plans that will help them achieve their 220 — or second (2) to (2) none (0) — life.

The Personal Finance Track Course Outline *

* NOTE: Modules may vary slightly between instructor-led and online course versions.

Module 01: Meaning of Money
Module 02: Simplifying Money
Module 03: My Financial Roadmap
Module 04: Earning
Module 05: Saving
Module 06: Investing
Module 07: Compound Interest
Module 08: Spending
Module 09: Assets
Module 10: Checking & Savings
Module 11: Liabilities
Module 12: Credit
Module 13: My Financial Goals
Module 14: The Power of Automation
Module 15: Presentation Prep
Module 16: Practice Presentations
Module 17: Final Presentations
Module 18: Assessment & Celebration

Make 220 Your First Choice
for Helping Youth Reach Their
Second-to-None Potential

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The 220 Financial Literacy Courses Get Results

After taking these courses, 220-enrolled students Agree or Strongly Agree with the following concepts:

feel more confident in their ability to achieve their financial goals.

feel more confident in their understanding of paying themselves first and its importance for their financial future.

feel more confident about the fundamental money categories such as assets, liabilities, earning, saving, investing and spending.

feel more confident in their ability to use the power of compound interest and automation to help them achieve financial goals.

feel more confident in their ability to learn about and present on challenging topics.

would recommend this course to other students.

What Students Had to Say After Completing This Track

“I’ve improved my saving. With saving 10–20%, I’ve been able to save up more in a short amount of time. This has impacted the way I see myself and my goals because with building a financial roadmap, I’ve been able to take a better look at how I need to handle my finances.” 

“This course is helping me be more responsible especially since I have a child. This course is helping me reach my goals in life without going broke, helping me make smart moves.”

“I’m proud that I can walk away from 220 with a better sense of mind in regard to conserving and utilizing my finances for the years to come in my life.”

“This has helped me better assess my goals, both long- and short-term. I now realize ways I can improve my spending habits, increase my income, and plan for emergencies and special occasions.”

Make 220 Your First Choice for Helping Youth Reach Their Second-to-None Potential