Who We Serve

Is Your Organization a Potential 220 Partner?

Supporting Learners Ages 14 – 24

220 Leadership gives organizations and individuals the resources to help youth become leaders, creators and entrepreneurs. Today, our state-of-the-art courses, content and tools are used by more than 300 educational partners in the United States, changing the way we educate students and equip them for lifelong success.

If you believe that your school or organization has the potential to change the lives of students — inside or outside the traditional classroom — then you should seriously consider partnering with 220. Our all-in-one youth development platform delivers world-class content and helps prepare students to achieve their dreams. 

What a 220 Partnership Provides

Our online platform gives you instant access to high-quality, turnkey, engaging programs to teach youth how to lead, market themselves, be entrepreneurial and create financial success. Through five intentional learning tracks, students develop the mindset and skills to carve their own paths to success — whatever that means to them.

When you work with 220, you will:

  1. Help youth think bigger about their future
  2. Help youth identify the skills they need for that future
  3. Help youth execute (make it happen)
  4. Lead authentically by sharing your own goals, passions and struggles

Isn’t helping young people succeed the reason you chose to work in your field? 220 wants to support your efforts so together we help every person access his or her unlimited potential.