Success Stories

How We’ve Helped Organizations Empower Youth

Edna Martin Christian Center

Edna Martin Christian Center Increases Number of Students Engaged in a Leadership Program from 0 to 100+, Expands Funding for Community Initiatives

  • Brand new high school with only one incoming freshman class
  • Need for freshmen to establish a compelling vision and experience a strong culture of excellence at school
  • Strong reputation for community-building and skill development, but needed help to achieve ambitious family engagement, youth education and job placement goals
  • Summer pilot for middle school and incoming high school students
  • Expanded programming and instructor training using the Leadership Course
  • Community-wide student plus family cohort to complete four courses (Leadership, Resume + Interview, Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance)
  • Additional applications using specific courses including youth entrepreneurship, resume + interview training and personal finance
  • 100% of students strongly agree or agree they “feel more confident in their ability to create a life that excites them.”
  • 100% strongly agree or agree they “feel more confident in their ability to achieve challenging goals.”
  • 100% strongly agree or agree they “feel more confident in their ability to overcome obstacles.”
  • 80% strongly agree or agree they “feel more confident in their ability to turn my passion(s) into skills and use them to enhance my future.”
  • 70% strongly agree or agree they “feel more confident in their ability to become a top performer.”
  • Program engagement increased from 0 to 100+ students.
  • More students were working together with their families to get the education and skills they need to improve the quality of their lives.
  • Multiple new and expanded funding opportunities broadened the reach of these interventions to more people in the community.


EmployIndy goes from monthly in-person trainings to a full learning management system with on-demand courses to serve all of Marion County.

  • Quality monthly in-person trainings limited to those who could attend in-person
  • 10 initial courses on a learning management system that didn’t meet technical, feature or scale requirements
  • Engagement and content goals for their multiple county-wide programs


  • Conversion of monthly live trainings into online courses
  • Additional course development to support WorkOne, Job Ready Indy (JRI), Mentor Apprenticeship Program (MAP), Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), Youth Employment System (YES Indy) and Indy Achieves brands
  • Citywide key stakeholder feedback session to understand user questions, suggested platform improvements and how to best leverage the platform for maximum usage
  • Transitioned existing courses to new, feature-rich and scalable learning management system
  • Brand, marketing and video production services
  • New EmployIndy Learning Hub with over 75 engaging courses (and counting) to support all EmployIndy initiatives and all service providers in Marion County

Indiana Afterschool Network

The Indiana Afterschool Network goes from no centralized high school College and Career Readiness (CCR) programming to 200+ students engaged.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused many programs in the state of Indiana to move to all virtual programming.
  • Many programs didn’t have a virtual program option, especially for the traditionally underserved high school-aged student.
  • Statewide virtual cohort model for high school students through afterschool programs
  • The Leadership Course (both online and virtual)
  • Onboarding, support and celebration webinars for staff and students
  • 10 programs and 200+ students engaged
  • Students practicing self-leadership by setting “unrealistic” goals and learning the science of achievement
  • Decreased burden on staff while still delivering a high-quality virtual program

Phi Gamma Delta Indiana University

Phi Gamma Delta at Indiana University goes from disciplinary probation to the best fraternity on campus and the best Phi Gam chapter in North America.

  • Chapter on disciplinary probation
  • Member engagement and behavioral issues
  • Historically low chapter GPA
  • Not all freshmen initiated due to grades
  • Executive coaching for chapter leadership
  • Implementation of Greek Executive Course
  • Implementation of Chapter Performance Program
  • Raised minimum GPA to 2.75 for initiation and eliminated scholarship probation
  • Awarded 2020 Cheney Cup (best Fiji chapter in North America)
  • Named University’s only Chapter of Excellence for three consecutive years
  • Received multiple other national fraternity awards for scholarship, campus involvement and community services
  • Achieved consecutive years of 100% initiation