Resume + Interview

Resume Writing & Interview Training Courses

Resume Writing Classes and Training for Interviews

Students are told to rack up as many achievements as possible, but they never learn how to sell these accomplishments to schools and employers. That’s why we created the Resume + Interview learning track. This set of courses helps students develop professional writing skills so they can write a standout resume and empowers them with excellent interview skills to help them land the job they want.

After completing this course, your students will understand how to:

  • Create a compelling professional resume
  • Build advanced interview skills
  • Grow their confidence when interviewing and speaking publicly
  • Refine their online presence to promote a professional brand
  • Connect with a professional in their dream field
  • Develop the confidence to go after their dream job

At the end of the interview and resume writing training courses, students participate in a mock interview during which they showcase their resume and practice the interviewing skills they’ve developed.

The Resume + Interview Track Course Outline *

* NOTE: Modules may vary slightly between instructor-led and online course versions.

Module 01: The Easy Points
Module 02: Resume: Formatting
Module 03: Resume: Anatomy
Module 04: Resume: Bulletproof
Module 05: Interview: Basics
Module 06: Interview: Homework
Module 07: Interview: Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY)
Module 08: Interview: Behavioral
Module 09: Interview: Practice
Module 10: Interview: Questions?
Module 11: Interview: Thank You Note
Module 12: Mock Interviews #1
Module 13: Write Persuasive Emails
Module 14: Persuasive Email Challenge
Module 15: Social Media Basics
Module 16: Mock Interviews #2
Module 17: Final Presentations
Module 18: Assessment & Celebration

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Our Courses on Resume Writing and Interviewing Get Results

After taking these courses, 220-enrolled students Strongly Agree or Agree with the following concepts:

feel more confident in their understanding of a resume and how it helps them accomplish their goals.

feel more confident in their ability to update their resumes as their experiences and goals evolve.

feel more confident in their understanding of the interview and how to be a strong interviewee.

feel more confident that they can communicate their strengths, skills and experiences to schools and prospective employers.

would recommend the resume course to other students.

would recommend the interview course to other students.

What Students Had to Say After Completing This Track

“I got to make an updated resume which got me more job opportunities.

“I think it has made me realize that interviews do not need to be scary, and they can be something that is mastered and come without a problem. I hope to keep practicing and updating my interview skills so I can land that dream job and feel confident when entering the interview room.”

“This course impacted the way I see myself and my goals in life, by letting me think about what I want to do in my life and help me understand the steps that I must take during and after the interview.”

“This course had a huge impact; I’ve always had a hard time describing myself or what I’m interested in.”

“I feel more comfortable going into ANY interview.”

Make 220 Your First Choice for Helping Youth Reach Their Second-to-None Potential