Our Curriculum

Five Learning Tracks to Help Youth Thrive

Choose the Teaching Style You Prefer

You get access to all five tracks, not just a single topic. Each learning track has an instructor-led lesson plan option (synchronous learning) and a student online course option (asynchronous learning). The content is the same either way — you select the learning setup that works best for you, your staff and your youth.

Instructor-led courses are ideal for live, in-person or virtual sessions and include:

  • Step-by-step lesson plans
  • Scripted slides
  • Engaging worksheets and workbooks
  • Built-in rubrics and assessments

Student online courses are ideal if you prefer that youth complete the courses on their own. They include:

  • Online account for each youth
  • In-depth videos and articles
  • Workbooks to personalize learning for each youth
  • Presentations
  • Built-in assessments

Benefits of Our Ready-to-Implement Courses

With our all-inclusive youth development content, 220 provides your organization and team with everything you need to help your youth reach their full potential. In addition to helping young people, we also help you by making this type of education easier for your organization, saving you and your staff time and reducing burnout.

  • We take the hard work off your shoulders by creating the curriculum and courses.
  • We remove the guesswork by providing turnkey, ready-to-use courses that have been proven to be highly effective.
  • We offer all the training your staff wants or needs to successfully implement the courses.
  • We focus on the soft skills that students need but that are not generally taught in schools.

Ready to work with 220? Make our team of experts your reliable partner in youth education, helping both your organization and your students reach their goals — for school, career and life.