Youth Leadership Training Curriculum

Professional Leadership Training and Development

Most students never reach their potential because our one-size-fits-all education policy fails to help them develop their purpose. Our youth leadership program curriculum helps your students unlock motivation by assigning them to create a limitless 10-year vision and connect that future to their current goals, behaviors and schedules.

The Leadership Track is our foundational course, the one that encourages students to dream bigger, and then reverse-engineer the path to turn their dreams into achievable goals and habits.

After completing this course, your students will understand how to:

  • Unlock unprecedented motivation
  • Create a compelling, personalized future vision
  • Harness the science of achievement
  • Reverse-engineer an action plan in line with their future goals
  • Leverage productivity to accomplish more of the right things
  • Build daily habits to hone critical skills for their dream future
  • Increase confidence in their presentation skills

At the end, students will deliver a presentation based on their new “unrealistic” goals, and the new daily habits and routines they’ve implemented to help them reach their 220 — or second (2) to (2) none (0) — life.

The Leadership Track Course Outline *

* NOTE: Modules may vary slightly between instructor-led and online course versions.

Module 01: Time
Module 02: 10-Year Vision
Module 03: 220 Life
Module 04: Obstacles
Module 05: Reverse Engineering
Module 06: 12-Week Sprints
Module 07: Learn
Module 08: Practice
Module 09: Connect
Module 10: Calendar
Module 11: Daily Habits
Module 12: Fear
Module 13: Performance Tracker
Module 14: Performance Tracker
Module 15: Presentation Prep
Module 16: Practice Presentations
Module 17: Final Presentations
Module 18: Assessment & Celebration

Make 220 Your First Choice
for Helping Youth Reach Their
Second-to-None Potential

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The 220 Leadership Training
Course Gets Results

After taking these courses, 220-enrolled students Strongly Agree
or Agree with the following concepts:

feel more confident in their ability to create a life that excites them.

feel more confident in their ability to achieve challenging goals.

feel more confident in their ability to overcome obstacles.

feel more confident in their ability to turn passion(s) into skills to enhance their futures.

feel more confident in their ability to learn about and present on challenging topics.

would recommend this course to other students.

What Students Had to Say After Completing This Track

“During this course I launched a website that I have used for my actual business.”

“Able to become myself. I know that may not say much, but I am proud of being who I am and say what is on my mind rather than hiding in my shell. I have more confidence in myself and my dreams, knowing that there are people like me and you guys telling me not to back down from the impossible. I cannot wait to live my 220 life.”

“During the course itself, I stuck with it, and I followed through with each module while taking notes so that I can actually learn some new things, which I did. This course taught me a lot of beneficial information that I can actually apply to my life as a teenager.”

“I am most proud of how I can dream unrealistic goals but know that I will get there with the steps I have learned in this course on how to get there.”

Make 220 Your First Choice for Helping Youth Reach Their Second-to-None Potential