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220 Free helps teachers and educators:

  • Increase youth engagement through our proven tools and content
  • Reduce staff burnout by providing reliable tools that are easy to implement
  • Access more funding through grant templates, reporting tools and cutting edge programming

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-Gerald Williams, CEO Excite All Stars

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What people are saying about 220 Free:

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Laguanda Jacobs

“220 is what I've been waiting for. Our students need the understanding of today’s way of life and how to succeed in it. These tools and information can also help myself and staff on center.”

220 Student

“220 helped me to see the impossible as a challenge accepted. Being able to succeed takes hard work and dedication, and with this course I now can take on the world and anything it throws my way. I am certain of 10 year goal and I am sure to achieve it. My life changed throughout this learning experience…”

Abby May

"This program allows that special quality in afterschool workers to be highlighted…I'd like to thank 220 for building something out that encourages and facilitates relationships in afterschool. Because that's what afterschool really is all about."

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