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We're obsessed with giving every student the power to create any life they want

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220 Second to None

Our Mission

Solve the world’s challenges by helping people access their unlimited potential.

Our Vision

Empower every student with the mindset and skills to thrive in work and life.

What We Do

Create online courses to help students succeed in the real world.

Our Team

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Matthew Moheban

Co-Founder, Director of Development

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Joseph Moheban

Co-Founder, Director of Partnerships

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Matthew Joseph Moheban National Afterschool Association Next Generation of Afterschool Leaders
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Education is failing to prepare students for the real world.


Young adults felt school failed to fully prepare them for the real world

According to The Adecco Group

> 50%

Black and Hispanic students will not graduate from college in 6 years

According to


Employers think that recent graduates are well prepared for real world workplace

According to

We have awesome educators and youth professionals like you working to fix it, but it's hard.

Most programs are one-size fits all, don’t engage students, don’t allow them to incorporate their passions and don’t focus on the skills you actually need to be successful.

As brothers, we were frustrated by this growing up.

We wanted to be entrepreneurs as early as high school, but that didn’t fit into the one size fits all education plan of college into safe career.

220 Founders Young

The last time Joseph let Matthew behind the wheel

The Edge 2009 Summer Leadership Camp 220

The Edge Summer Leadership Camp, 2009

So we studied hard, went to business school, and got finance and consulting jobs in Chicago.

Sounds like success, right?

Except it was someone else's definition of success, not ours.

Aside from asking ourselves how we ended up living someone else's life, we asked another question:

How many high-potential students, who just don’t perform well in an outdated education system, are told they’ll never amount to anything?

And then believe it for the rest of their lives?

220 partners with The First Tee
220 MASN Leadership Summit

So we quit our finance and consulting jobs in Chicago to start 220 and give students the education we wished we had growing up:

Learning the mindset and skills you actually need to thrive in work and life.

Entrepreneurship, education and personal development are our passions.

We get to use them every day while doing what we love, and each of your students can have that, too.

They just need your help.

220 partners with the Museum of Science and Industry

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