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Solving the world’s challenges by helping people access their Second-to-None potential.

What started as a summer camp for middle school students in 2009, has turned into a global education technology company. 



Our Mission

Solve the world’s challenges by helping people access their unlimited potential.

Our Vision

Empower every student with the mindset and skills to thrive in work and life.

What We Do

Create online courses to help students succeed in the real world.

220 stands for

220 Second to None

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Our Team

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Matthew Moheban

Co-Founder, CEO

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Joseph Moheban

Co-Founder, COO

Why We Started 220

When we were growing up, we thought we pretty much did everything “right.” We were strong students, multiple-sport athletes, leaders in student organizations and recipients of several awards and scholarships.

In college, it looked pretty much the same. We graduated with finance and entrepreneurship degrees from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. We both served as the President of one of the most prestigious fraternity chapters in the country.

Upon graduation, we did what we were “supposed to do” and got high paying jobs in Chicago working in commercial banking and consulting.

220 Founders Young

The last time Joseph let Matthew behind the wheel

It didn’t take long for us to realize that doing everything “right” didn’t necessarily mean we would be happy.

Instead, we were unfulfilled and knew there was more to life than doing what everyone told us we were supposed to do.

We started 220 because of our deep belief that everyone deserves to live their ultimate 220 (second-to-none) life.

That means all seven days in a week are the same: full of love, passion, excitement and fulfillment. If we could have just one job in the world, we’d choose this one every time.

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One of our favorite things to do when we were just starting out was talk business on long walks through Chicago

Now, we live that 220 life for ourselves and we help others learn how to do the same.

Getting here wasn’t easy. We had to rewrite our script. We had to overcome our own self-limiting beliefs to do what most people told us was impossible. A 25 and 23-year old with no education background leaving corporate jobs to start and run a successful education company with no outside funding?


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Museum of Science & Industry Science Achievers Program

People thought we were nuts. You know what we realized in the process? Doing what we love made it worth it to rewrite that script.

Waking up every day to help students overcome their own limiting beliefs, teaching them to design, create and live their lives based on passion, excitement and fulfillment and seeing their faces when they begin to understand what’s possible in their life…THAT’S what gets us out of bed.

We work tirelessly to create opportunities for students to recognize and realize their 220 life. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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National Afterschool Association Next Generation Leaders Recipients

Want to learn more about our story?

220 Gives Back: Helping Young Entrepreneurs

We've always admired brands who give back and make the world a better place through their core mission. Entrepreneurship has changed our lives for the better and we want for more people across the world see the power of entrepreneurship. So, each year, 220 donates 2.20% of net profits to support WagiLabs programs and students.

WagiLabs is an organization that uses its 100% free and open-source curriculum to teach entrepreneurship to young students across the world. WagiLabs helps students unlock curiosity, compassion, and courage to come up with ideas that “do good” to help people, animals, and the environment. Click here to learn more about WagiLabs.

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