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any obstacle can be overcome

Photo by Kyle Johnson on Unsplash

If you're familiar with 220, you've probably heard us talk about how important it is for youth to dream big.


Even if it seems impossible or it's never been done before (two weeks ago, we talked about David McCormack smiling before making the greatest NCAA Championship comeback in history).


If we can help them dream big, they think without limits and create beautiful pictures of what life could be.


But then, something happens.


Reality sets in. And they start to hear that other voice in their heads.


The one with all the objections.


All the reasons why it's going to be hard. Or why it won't ever work.


Sometimes, these reasons keep them from ever trying or getting started at all.


There are several names for these:


Fear, self-doubt, lack of resources, adversity, etc.


We like to group them all together into one category:




But here's the thing:


No matter how great or insurmountable an obstacle might seem, that obstacle can be overcome.


It might take incredible resilience. Superb creativity. A strong community. A ton of help.


But whether it's money, discrimination, physical abilities, experience or something that's never been done before, any obstacle can be overcome.


How else can you explain that Kansas comeback?





Any obstacle can be overcome.


This means with our influence, we need to help our youth:


  • identify the obstacles keeping them from their most important goals (especially right now when we're stuck at home)
  • acknowledge the severity of these obstacles and why they make us fearful
  • create a plan to overcome each one


If you're looking for resources to spark this process, we've included three below:


  1. Obstacles Quotes: Have them read and interpret each of the quotes about obstacles in this slide presentation.
  2. Obstacles Worksheet: Then, have them complete the worksheet. This is a fillable PDF they can type directly into once they save it to their device. Also printable.
  3. Advanced: If you're running a video conference session with your students, feel free to use our full Obstacles Lesson Plan.


Here's to helping them overcome the obstacles in their way,




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