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Edna Martin Christian Center goes from 0 to 100+ students engaged Leadership program
Funding Expanded for Community Initiatives

Project Brief: The mission of the Edna Martin Christian Center (EMCC) is to bridge cultural, racial, and economic differences in order to support and nurture the people in the community by providing holistic programs that empower, encourage, and engender a vision of hope.

EMCC is a full service community center that focuses on:

  • Out-of-school time youth programming
  • Senior Program
  • Food Pantry
  • Career Education and Training Academy
  • Early Childhood

EMCC started working with 220 in 2018 to develop a summer training program for the inaugural KIPP Leadership and Legacy High School freshman class. The work has continued to evolve since this initial program.

Now, we’re working with EMCC and the Martindale Brightwood Education Zone project to educate all high school students, opportunity youth, Zone families, and other adults through our online programs. The focus of this partnership is to empower youth and families with online resources on the following KPIs:

  • Employment Placement
  • # of adults/caregivers setting career goals
  • # of career goals met
  • # of people receiving career counseling and coaching
  • # of career coaching sessions scheduled
  • # of career coaching sessions attended
  • # of families participating in family engagement activities
  • Youth Employment Services for ages 17-24
  • # of families establishing long-term goals
  • School attendance (# of students with fewer than 18 absences)
  • School Suspension/Expulsion
  • EMCC program attendance
  • 21st Scholar enrollment
  • # of youth participating in entrep. and skill-building activities
  • # of youth participating in mentorship, internship, apprenticeship programs

Before: No online programming/lack of high school-focused resources

After: Online platform for the community and Multiple New Funding Opportunities

Timeframe: 12 months

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