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Think BIG: How to launch a local, regional or statewide student leadership cohort

This webinar occurred on September 28, 2022.
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Maybe you've thought about starting a new youth program cohort across multiple organizations. Or maybe you've already started one, and you want to make it better and scale it.

Join us for an exciting conversation on September 28 with Mark Cowsert, Associate Director of Policy and Partnerships for the Missouri Afterschool Network (and 220 Ambassador!).

Mark will share his lessons learned and best practices for how to start and scale a statewide, regional or local youth program, including:

  • The short list of things you must do to get your student cohort started

  • How to engage local, regional, statewide and national partners for program content, exposure to college and career options, as well as key resources for students and staff

  • How to market to and engage youth programs, and hold them accountable to cohort objectives so that everyone is successful

  • How to build funder relationships, tell your story, secure funding and then renew funding with compelling data

Mark has led several statewide partnerships for middle and high school youth around entrepreneurship and college & career readiness using a national funder. So he has a wealth of knowledge to share with you- the visionary leader thinking bigger about what's possible for your students.

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