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Don't let the world press pause on your Greek experience

Online courses and resources to make sure your chapter thrives even while campus life isn't back to normal

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Greek chapters are struggling to survive in the 21st century.

With intense scrutiny, more suspensions and increasing standards, you need your chapter to evolve with the times.But there's a problem:

  • Being remote for months has put everything on hold
  • Committees don't have a structure to make progress
  • Members aren't motivated to stay engaged
  • Resources either fall short or don't exist

Enter 220 Greek.

220 has everything you need to permanently shift the culture of your chapter and help it thrive for years to come.

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Accomplish your most important goals with our Executive and Member Courses

Get access to all our online courses designed to help you install systems and programs that will make your life easier

Most chapters struggle to achieve meaningful goals, or when they do they can't maintain progress year to year.

Learn how to run your chapter like a company with a formal org structure, committee accountability tools and higher standards for every leader in the chapter.

29 step-by-step lessons, 9 practical tools, retreat agendas and meeting scripts, recommended schedules

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Most chapters can’t identify or motivate problem members until it’s too late.

Implement a game-changing engagement and accountability program with all the tools you need to create an all-around score for every member of your chapter.

34 lessons, plug-and-play tools, reporting templates to share results with graduates each semester

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Most members don't think big picture or long-term, so they can't find a reason to act in the best interest of the chapter.

Members create a 10-year vision for their life, and work backwards to help them succeed now in school, on campus and in your chapter.

9 modules, videos, articles, workbook, challenges

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Most resumes look bad and undersell that person’s value.

Members get a step-by-step tutorial with templates and examples on how to create a professional resume that stands out to employers and schools.

6 modules, videos, articles, resume templates

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Most people are terrified of the interview room because they don’t know what to expect.

Members learn how to prepare and dominate the predictable structure of 99% of interviews with expected questions, answer scripts and practical worksheets.

6 modules, articles, workbook, practice questions

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Most people never learn how to manage their personal finances.

This practical course will empower students to create their own personal budget and learn how to take control of their financial future.

10 modules, videos, articles, personal budget spreadsheet template

With more courses being added regularly

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We feel your pain.

“As former chapter presidents at Indiana University, we know how stressful it is to get all members doing what's best for the chapter.

We created 220 Greek to give chapters the tools we wished we had: a proven system to hold committees and members accountable, and permanently shift chapter culture."

Joseph & Matthew Moheban
Brothers & Founders of 220

220 is a member company of 1871 Chicago, the world's #1 private business incubator.

Join the community of visionary chapters  using 220 Greek.

Peter King
Fraternity House Corporation President

“This program has provided immeasurable advantages in creating leaders of excellence in the undergraduate chapter. The integrity of these young men and the leadership program they bring are of the highest quality, and I would recommend them to any group without reservation.”

Chris Johnson
Chapter President

“220 helped me develop as a multi-faceted leader and young professional in ways I never expected. The program's structured, personalized curriculum drove me and the members of my organization to uphold a culture of personal development, collective betterment, and high organizational achievement."

Holden Jastremski
Chapter Executive

“220’s program has had a significant impact on my success throughout college. The program has developed me into a more confident leader, helped me accomplish my most ambitious goals, and allowed me to become the best version of myself!

Additional Testimonials
220 Greek Program

“This program will prove to be a monumental progressive decision for our chapter.”

“This program is especially effective for freshmen because the first few weeks/months of college are a whirlwind, and it is comforting to be surrounded by some wisdom."

“We want the 220 Program to be synonymous with our culture for years to come.”

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Your plan to transform your chapter

1. Get access

Get ongoing access to current and future courses, starting at just $499/year

2. Use the courses

Develop your executive team and your members through leadership and accountability courses

3. Watch the chapter thrive

Renew every member’s commitment to excellence and leave your legacy

No more chapter initiatives that fall flat

No more one-time speakers that preach and leave

No more disengaged upperclassmen or detached members hiding from view

No more sleepless nights wondering if a member will get the chapter suspended

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Choose the option that's right for you

Whether you want to focus on making yourself and your executives better leaders, or get the entire chapter on board, we've got an option to help you solve your most pressing problems.

220 President


For officers looking to become better leaders and make lasting change

  • 1 officer license
  • Ongoing access to The Greek  Onboarding Course and The Greek Executive Course for you and every president after you
  • Access to 9 plug-and-play tools designed to help you make this stick at your chapter, including:
    • Fillable Org Chart
    • Executive Goal Tracker
    • Position Checklist
    • Executive Retreat Template
    • Judicial Board Log and more
  • Access to future select Greek Executive Courses
  • Collaborate with other Presidents via discussion boards
  • 220 Technical Support
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220 Chapter


For visionary chapters looking for a permanent culture transformation

  • Up to 10 officer licenses
  • Unlimited member licenses
  • Concierge member enrollment
  • Ongoing access to The Greek Executive Course
  • Ongoing access to The Chapter Performance Program
  • Access to 21 plug-and-play tools to help you make this stick at your chapter
  • Ongoing access to all Member Courses:
    • The Leadership Course
    • The Resume Course
    • The Interview Course
    • The Personal Finance Course
  • Access to all future Greek Executive and Member Courses
  • Collaborate with other Greek Executive Teams via discussion boards
  • Executive Team onboarding call with 220
  • Member progress reports
  • 220 Priority Support
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