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The Indiana Afterschool Network goes from No High School CCR Programming to 200+ students engaged

Project Brief: The Indiana Afterschool Network and Indiana Department of Education provide funding and resources to Out of School programs across the state to help them reach their goals.

Most of the work in this space is focused on Elementary and Middle School programs, while the High School Programs are left without much attention.

Before our partnership, the programs were doing a lot to try to meet the needs, but were falling short because they didn't have the adaptable resources to be able to support and engage the students. Staff were overworked and the high school students were more overlooked than before.

We started working with 10 programs from across the state in fall of 2020 during a very challenging year for schools and afterschool organizations. All program staff and students were given access to the 220 Platform and students were encouraged to complete one 220 module per week. We also conducted monthly webinars to answer questions and support the students/staff.

By the end of first semester, programs were off and running with the 220 Platform. Students were developing their leadership skills online and teachers were doing far less work than before. The adaptable nature of the platform allowed for students to login at the best time for them to complete their work. Teachers were able to conduct impactful discussions with their students based on the work that had been completed each week.


"I appreciated the program a lot because I'm big on exposure. And you really don't know what you don't know...I love the program because it allows the students to look at different perspectives. Being that it's online it allows students to connect and meet students where they are which is the technology...allows students to experience something that isn't so cookie cutter. It applies to them. All students want to be seen, heard, and valued. And this is a program that allows them to see "Hey this is for me, this is my future.' And it allows them to project out and not just worry about today. And so I think it's just a phenomenal opportunity for students who have the chance to participate."

-Nyika Leggett, Michigan City Area School, Safe Harbor Program

"This program allows that special quality in afterschool workers to be highlighted. There are a lot of programs that don't allow for the facilitation of a real connection and encourage growth and curiosity. I'd like to thank 220 for building something out that encourages and facilitates relationships in afterschool. Because that's what afterschool really is all about."

-Abby May, Michigan City Area School, Safe Harbor Program Director

"In the craziness in what the world is going through right now, half of our group was quarantined one week and then the other half was quarantined. So we were never able to all be together, but everyone was able to get on and continue to go through the program. I think just seeing the process that you can have these big dreams and you can achieve it is so important...Noah would come running into my office and saying "Hey! I just finished my 220 and I'm going to do this, this and this!". It was just great that we could do it either in-person or they could do it on their own and then come back the next day and share. And there was that flexibility to do that because we need flexibility in everything we're doing right now."

-Desiree Frederick, Boys & Girls Club Huntington Program Director

Before: 0 Students Engaged in HS CCR Programming

After: 200+ Students Engaged

Timeline: 3 months

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