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The 3 skills to help every youth become a leader in today's workforce

This webinar occured on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

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Join the 220 Team as Matthew Moheban, Co-Founder & CEO of 220, leads an engaging and practical session on the skills every youth, regardless of where they're starting, can develop to become leaders in today's workforce.

Matthew will cover:

  • What happens if youth aren't growing or leading in their current job (hint: it's not good)
  • The mindset youth need to motivate themselves about their current job, even if it's not obviously connected to their ultimate career
  • The one concept youth must understand if they want to earn more compensation, responsibility and freedom
  • The specific things youth can do to become a top performer in the workplace

Whether you're teaching during the school day, leading an afterschool program or developing youth in a workforce organization, you'll leave this webinar with ideas and tools you can use right away.

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