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How to empower families, build strong communities and invest in the next generation

This webinar happened on July 28, 2022. Click below to watch the replay (coming soon).


Jamie Scott is the Senior Program Director for Edna Martin Christian Center in Indianapolis, IN (and a 220 Ambassador!).

In this conversation with Matthew Moheban, Jamie will share some of the unique insights, experiences and tactics for family engagement and empowerment that have helped Edna Martin drive positive change for youth and families in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood.

Whether you're in education, out-of-school-time, workforce development or community building, this discussion will have something you can use with those you serve.

As a leader in one of the most effective community organizations in Indianapolis, Jamie will:

  • Explain the difference between family engagement vs. family empowerment
  • Share experiences, lessons learned and best practices from Edna Martin's success with their youth and family initiatives
  • Identify barriers most families experience, and offer tactics to overcome those barriers to get youth engaged in activities, programming and education

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