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How to Help Your Youth Become Leaders, Creators and Entrepreneurs

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Join the 220 Team as Matthew Moheban, Co-Founder of 220, leads an engaging and practical session on how to help every youth:

  • Dream bigger about their future and carve their unique path
  • Work backwards to reverse engineer habits and goals aligned to that dream
  • Attack their goals and reflect on their progress
  • Build new skills that align with their compelling future
  • Establish a lifelong process for learning and growth

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Hi, we're Matthew & Joseph Moheban.

We're on a mission to solve the world’s challenges by helping every person access their unlimited potential.

We do this through 220 by providing organizations and individuals with tools, courses and content to help youth become leaders, creators and entrepreneurs. We're so passionate about working with youth.

We were fortunate growing up to learn these critical skills from parents, coaches, mentors, and extracurricular experiences.

These skills helped us carve our own path and live out our dream of becoming entrepreneurs.

We started this company so we could help every youth get this same education and carve their own unique path to live their 220 (Second-to-None) Life.

From 1:1 coaching to group workshops to educational consulting, we’ve partnered with inspiring students and amazing organizations over the past seven years.

The incredible results from our programs and inspiring feedback from high schoolers, college students and visionary educators alike has motivated us to share with you the framework that has been transforming the curriculum and positive impact of educators around the country.

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