Click here to read our article on how Vikings WR Adam Thielen got his most improbable dream job

Click here to read our article on how Vikings WR Adam Thielen got his most improbable dream job

While hard skills (STEM, finance & accounting, healthcare, etc.) continue to be more and more emphasized throughout K-12 and post-secondary education, the hard skills needed in a dynamic, ever-changing workforce continue to outpace the ability for educators to adapt. This means by the time they become employees, what they learned in school is already outdated or was never relevant in the first place. We experienced this upon graduation at our jobs in finance and consulting.

But don't just take our word for it.

According to a study done by LinkedIn in April 2018 the greatest skills gap in the United States continues to be soft skills. And two recent Google studies showed that contrary to their previous beliefs, STEM skills ranked dead last in terms of the qualities consistent with the company's most successful employees.

If new workers started with a foundation of professionalism, coachability and persistence, their employers could teach them any hard skills and trust them to be a successful, contributing employee.

In addition to our Self-Leadership programs, we provide the workforce training people need to get a job (cut through the noise, land interviews and receive job offers) and become a happy, valuable employee once they have the job (professional writing & communication, teamwork & collaboration, and basic etiquette).


  • Craft a resume that stands out, including how to avoid the traps that get qualified candidates overlooked
  • How to master interviews including how to prepare, how to practice and how to effectively sell yourself
  • How to communicate when you're on the job, including professional writing & interpersonal skills
  • How to become an extremely valuable employee
  • Modern-day financial literacy and empowerment



  • National, state and local workforce initiatives
  • Fellowships/skills bootcamps
  • Community organizations
  • Afterschool programs
  • Nonprofits
  • Greek chapters

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